1994-07-01 - Karl Hess Club

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From: j.hastings6@genie.geis.com
To: cypherpunks@toad.com
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UTC Datetime: 1994-07-01 00:42:52 UTC
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From: j.hastings6@genie.geis.com
Date: Thu, 30 Jun 94 17:42:52 PDT
To: cypherpunks@toad.com
Subject: Karl Hess Club
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Fellow c-punks:
Since the topic of regional lists and meetings has been recently discussed,
I thought I could announce a libertarian supper club without getting
flamed for being off-topic. The first meeting of the club, named after
Karl "Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice..." Hess, featured
J. Neil Schulman, author of Stopping Power: Why 70 Million Americans
Own Guns. Next meeting Victor Koman talks about private space.
Like any supper club I attend, I'll have the latest versions of PGP
available for $1 per disk. Last time I announced news about Clipper,
digital cash, and the MIT release, using information from this here list.
Hope to meet some of you at this cypherpunk-friendly event.
N A S A   v s   T h e   K i n g s   o f   t h e   H i g h   F r o n t i e r
Victor Koman with his new novel, Kings of the High Frontier, goes where no
libertarian went before...
First he killed God -- the hardest-boiled private dick of the future did it
(in The Jehovah Contract). Then he solved the Abortion Controversy -- saved
the fetuses and kept a woman's Right to Choose (in Solomon's Knife). God and
abortion were warm-ups; now Vic takes on Darth Vader's cadet academy: the
National Aeronautics and Space Administration.
How many ways are there for free men and women to get to the High Frontier
in spite of the best efforts of the Space Nazgl to keep them from it? Read
Kings of the High Frontier and count them, baby! And come hear Victor
himself blow the State out of our way into space at:
the second meeting of the
Karl Hess Club
Monday, July 18, 1994 -- 7 PM
Dinner at the Alpine Village Emerald Room, take the Torrance Blvd exit off
the 110 fwy, just South of where the 405 meets the 91, between Vermont and
== Presentation of the first ever Chauntecleer Medallion for Libertarian
Activism by Samuel Edward Konkin III, for the movement, to Chauntecleer
Michael for more than a decade of hard-core activism!
== Announcements
== Featured speaker (above)
== Questions and Answers (moderated by the speaker)
== Survey of Attendees: should this club move?
== After-meeting until midnight.
=* Full bar. Pitchers of good, foreign dark beer available!
=* NEW: dinner (if you want to eat) now prix fixe $17 and includes a choice
of four entres (schnitzel, sauerbrauten, Tyrolian chicken, plus one),
coffee or tea, tax and tip. Only dessert extra.
=* Still no reservations needed and no charge for program.
=* Plenty of convenient parking available.
=* Photography and tape recording encouraged.
=* Smoking encouraged but not required. Kids welcome.
Kent - j.hastings6@genie.geis.com
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