1994-09-23 - National Research Council

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From: SAMUEL.KAPLIN@warehouse.mn.org (SAMUEL KAPLIN)
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From: SAMUEL.KAPLIN@warehouse.mn.org (SAMUEL KAPLIN)
Date: Thu, 22 Sep 94 19:35:54 PDT
To: cypherpunks@toad.com
Subject: National Research Council
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Subject: National Research Council

>  Kenneth Dam, committee chair, was Deputy Secretary of State (1982-
>  1985) and is currently the Max Pam Professor of American and Foreign
>  Law at the University of Chicago Law School.

>  General W. Y. Smith, retired, committee vice-chair, is president
>  emeritus of the Institute for Defense Analyses, and has also served in a
>  number of military posts including that of deputy commander in chief of
>  the U.S. European Command in Germany.

>  Lee Bollinger, formerly dean of the University of Michigan Law School,
>  is currently provost of Dartmouth College and a constitutional scholar.

>  Ann Caracristi, retired, was Deputy Director of the National Security
>  Agency (1980-1982).

>  Benjamin Civiletti was U.S. Attorney General (1979-1981), and is
>  currently in private practice with the law firm Venable, Baetjer, Howard
>  and Civiletti.

>  Colin Crook is senior technology officer for Citicorp.

>  Samuel Fuller is vice president of corporate research at Digital
>  Equipment Corporation.

>  Leslie Gelb is president of the Council on Foreign Relations.  He served
>  as Assistant Secretary of State for Politico-Military Affairs
>  (1977-1980).

>  Ronald Graham is a director of information sciences at AT&T Bell Labs
>  and a professor of mathematics at Rutgers University.

>  Martin Hellman is professor of electrical engineering at Stanford
>  University.  Dr. Hellman was one of the inventors of public key
>  encryption.

>  Julius Katz is president of Hills & Company, and was deputy United
>  States trade representative (1989-1993).

>  Peter Neumann is principal scientist in the Computer Science Laboratory
>  at SRI International.  He is the chairman of the ACM committee on
>  computers and public policy, and a member of the ACM study group on
>  cryptography policy.

>  Raymond Ozzie is president of Iris Associates, a wholly-owned
>  subsidiary of the Lotus Development Corporation.  Iris Associates is the
>  developer of Lotus Notes.

>  Kumar Patel is vice chancellor for research at UCLA.

>  Edward Schmults was Deputy Attorney General of the United States
>  (1981-1984) and is a former senior vice president for external relations
>  and general counsel for the GTE Corporation.

>  Elliot Stone is executive director of the Massachusetts Health Data
>  Consortium, which is responsible for the collection and analysis of the
>  state's large health care databases.

>  Willis Ware, retired, is with the RAND Corporation as senior computer
>  scientist emeritus.  He chairs the Computer System Security and Privacy
>  Advisory Board which was established by the Computer Security Act of
>  1987.

Is it me or are there a disproportionate amount of legal/government/military/
types on this list?  Keeping this in mind, do you really think any of our
comments will go anywhere but in the old circular file?

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