1995-01-13 - Some PGP problems

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From: John Draper <crunch@well.sf.ca.us>
To: cypherpunks@toad.com
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UTC Datetime: 1995-01-13 05:51:26 UTC
Raw Date: Thu, 12 Jan 95 21:51:26 PST

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From: John Draper <crunch@well.sf.ca.us>
Date: Thu, 12 Jan 95 21:51:26 PST
To: cypherpunks@toad.com
Subject: Some PGP problems
Message-ID: <199501130551.VAA01278@well.sf.ca.us>
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I'm trying to decode a PGP file that was created with Ver 2.6.
At this time,  I thought that my older ver 2.1c (Running on a
Mac) would at least be able to decrypt something made from
a higher version,  running on a PC.   Apparently that is not so.

So,  the next thing I did,   or what any self respecting
Cypherpunk might so,   is to go out on the net and look
for a later version to FTP>   Well,   after discovering
that soda.berkeley.edu don't exist anymore,  I eventually
found the ftp site where it lives.  ftp.csua.berkeley.edu.

I learn that Mac PGP2.3 exists,  but NO version 2.6
exists for the Mac.   Is that true?    If not,  then
where can I get a copy,  so I can decode a message
created with 2.6?    If ver 2.3 will decode a message
encoded with 2.6,  then I'm faced with how I can
extract this Mac file which has a .gz extension.
Binhex don't seem to decode it.  So,  I now got this
file named "macpgp2.3.cpt.hqx.gz" on my Mac.    Was
I supposed to have used some special UNIX itility to
convert the .gz thingie first?    Please emlighten
this confused cypherpunker!!! :-)   Or will I even have
to do all of this because 2.3 is incompatable with 2.6.

C. Crunch