1995-01-22 - Re: More wiretaps?

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From: chen@intuit.com (Mark Chen)
To: bdolan@well.sf.ca.us (Brad Dolan)
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UTC Datetime: 1995-01-22 20:27:20 UTC
Raw Date: Sun, 22 Jan 95 12:27:20 PST

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From: chen@intuit.com (Mark Chen)
Date: Sun, 22 Jan 95 12:27:20 PST
To: bdolan@well.sf.ca.us (Brad Dolan)
Subject: Re: *More* wiretaps?
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> Associated Press reported on 1/20/95:
> >Secretary of State Warren Christopher Friday announced 
> >plans to combat narcotics smuggling and terrorism with tougher 
> >laws and sentences and tighter control on visas for entering the 
> >United States. 
> >   
> >A senior State Department official said wiretapping was among the 
> >measures to be proposed to the Republican-controlled Congress. The 
> >official said there were ways to use wiretaps without violating 
> >Supreme Court restrictions. 
> Since wiretapping on court order from their no-questions-asked secret 
> court is already allowed, can they mean anything other than wiretapping 
> without court order?
> Can somebody explain to me why the Clinton administration is
> considered "liberal"?  Why the Republicans are considered
> "conservative"?

To make it appear as though a choice exists in the American political

Mark Chen 
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