1995-02-09 - Wed 15 Feb, 730pm: BayFF’s first monthly Bay Area EFF meeting

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From: gnu
Date: Thu, 9 Feb 95 15:56:12 PST
To: gnu@toad.com
Subject: Wed 15 Feb, 730pm: BayFF's first monthly Bay Area EFF meeting
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EFF is pleased to introduce a series of monthly `BayFF' meetings in
the San Francisco Bay Area.  All EFF members, guests, and the public
are invited.

The first meeting will be in San Francisco on February 15, 1995, at
7:30PM.  The gracious donor of our first meeting place is:

	Wired Magazine
	520 Third Street, Fourth Floor
	San Francisco, CA
	+1 415 222 6200  voice

John Gilmore and Cindy Cohn will speak on the constitutional issues
around export controls on cryptography.  John is a co-founder of EFF
and Chair of the EFF Board's Crypto Committee.  Cindy is an attorney
in private practice at McGlashen and Sarrail in San Mateo.  These
controls inhibit free speech, publication of software and papers,
academic freedom of inquiry, and personal privacy, as well as having a
strong negative impact on computer security.  We'll explore some of
the implications and prospects for change.

Dave Farber will speak on "Living in the Global Information
Infrastructure -- some concerns".  Dave is an EFF Board member and has
more years of experience in computers and networking than the total
experience at many startup companies.  Vice President Gore has proposed
that the nations of the world undertake the building of a Global
Information Infrastructure -- the GII.  While most leaders agree with
the sprit of the Gore proposal -- namely to provide a mechanism which
could invigorate the world economy in the forthcoming information age,
many disagree with his belief that it will bring democracy to the
world.  They interpret such statements as being another example of
American colonialism.  It is this basic lack of uniform global
agreement on what terms mean, what rules apply to electronic commerce
and what impact a GII will have on their nation that underlies the
comments Dave will make.  These raise questions about the universality
of Cyberspace.  He will seek to table a set of questions that may
stimulate your thinking in this area.

There will also be plenty of time for general and specific questions,
issues, discussion, meeting people, and socializing with frontier-
minded folks.

We will schedule the second monthly meeting near the Computers,
Freedom, and Privacy conference -- tentatively on Friday night,
March 31.  Watch this space for more information.

We hope to see you on Wednesday!

	John Gilmore
	Jane Metcalfe
	Denise Caruso
	(Bay Area members of the EFF Board)