1995-07-31 - Re: Zimmermann legal fund

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From: stewarts@ix.netcom.com (Bill Stewart)
To: nsb@nsb.fv.com
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UTC Datetime: 1995-07-31 06:38:36 UTC
Raw Date: Sun, 30 Jul 95 23:38:36 PDT

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From: stewarts@ix.netcom.com (Bill Stewart)
Date: Sun, 30 Jul 95 23:38:36 PDT
To: nsb@nsb.fv.com
Subject: Re: Zimmermann legal fund
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At 02:23 PM 7/30/95 EDT, nsb@nsb.fv.com wrote:
>To pay into non-US accounts, we need to establish banking relationships in
>other venues.  For the most part, we need to do it one country at a time,
>which is awesomely time-consuming .....
>Remember, the requirement is not that you be in the US, but rather than you
>have an account in a US bank.  This is not all that hard for a non-US
>citizen to do **IF** you can show up physically at a US bank.  Thus, if
>there's a US bank that has an office near you, you can walk in and open an
>account to which deposits can be made through the US direct-deposit system,
>and  you're in business with FV.

Aren't there some banks or similar companies that are world-wide,
but have US branches?  I think SwissBankCorp or somebody like that
has an office in San Francisco; would it be possible for you to transfer
money to someone with an account there who's really in, say, Switzerland
or the UK or Hong Kong?
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