1995-08-01 - Re: a hole in PGP

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From: “Ed Carp [khijol SysAdmin]” <erc@khijol.intele.net>
To: “Dr. Frederick B. Cohen” <fc@all.net>
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UTC Datetime: 1995-08-01 03:15:55 UTC
Raw Date: Mon, 31 Jul 95 20:15:55 PDT

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From: "Ed Carp [khijol SysAdmin]" <erc@khijol.intele.net>
Date: Mon, 31 Jul 95 20:15:55 PDT
To: "Dr. Frederick B. Cohen" <fc@all.net>
Subject: Re: a hole in PGP
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On Mon, 31 Jul 1995, Dr. Frederick B. Cohen wrote:

> That's me - a tinker-toy logician.  But why do you believe that PGP can be
> trusted?  Because someone told you so in email on an Internet forum?  I
> would hate to bet billions of dollars a day and the lives of hundreds of
> thousands of people on that judgement.

Oh, yeah, right...

> > You're testing my patience. Feeling flush from my New Orleans road trip, I
> > went out and bought the commercial version of Eudora, filter-feature and
> > all, which means I'm just itching to test it. In other words, it means you
> > are flirting with the kill-file, the bozo-filter, more rudely, a
> > <plonk!ing>.
> Ah!!! A threat.  You should be aware that threatening homocide is a form
> of assault.  I will be certain to tell the FBI your exact words...  "the
> kill-file, the bozo-filter, more rudely, a <plonk!ing>." sounds to me
> (and may well sound to them) like a threat to commit murder. 

Just goes to show you that you really CAN tell the idiots on the net - 
they usually sign some sort of pompous title before their name.
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