1995-10-20 - PGP interface for Mac–well…

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From: tbyfield@panix.com (t byfield)
To: cypherpunks@toad.com
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UTC Datetime: 1995-10-20 11:41:27 UTC
Raw Date: Fri, 20 Oct 95 04:41:27 PDT

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From: tbyfield@panix.com (t byfield)
Date: Fri, 20 Oct 95 04:41:27 PDT
To: cypherpunks@toad.com
Subject: PGP interface for Mac--well...
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Has anyone seen this yet? The only upload I've seen, on info-Mac,
unbinhexes into something called "My Preschool Demo," and that's pretty
much what it is.


From ~/mac-pgp-control-10b1-as.hqx.abs

>Abstract of INFO-MAC archived encoded Mac binary file
>   'cmp/mac-pgp-control-10b1-as.hqx'
>  Uploaded 10/20/95   250028 bytes
>From: raif@mpx.com.au ( Raf S. Naffah)
>Subject: MacPGP Control 1.0 Beta 1
>Hi there,
>Please find attached the first public release (Beta 1) of the MacPGP
>Control application.
>MacPGP Control (or MPGPC for short) is an AppleScript application --written
>in AppleScript English dialect and FaceSpan 2.0.1-- that offers an
>easy-to-use, more Macintosh friendly user interface to MacPGP.
>The main features of MPGPC are:
>1. [Mac]PGP related features:
>* Allows definition and use of nicknames for Users and Groups recepients.
>* Offers more control for keyring related actions, through a true Macintosh
>Human Interface and -in some cases- direct manipulation of keyring file
>data, including: editing trust flag byte, enabling/disabling, extracting,
>checking, certifying, fingerprinting, and forcing Warn-Only bits.
>* Secure clean clear-signed PGP ciphers, through the implementation of
>features such as: expanding tabs, transliterating non-USASCII characters,
>and word-wrapping lines before processing and handing over to email
>* Allows viewing of PGP packets for educational and debugging purposes.
>* Allows opaque signing (asciified clear-signed text)
>* Supports (low-level) and use HTTP for PGP Keyserver querry and update of
>public key information.
>* Transparent use of user's UserIDs found in his/her secret keyring file.
>* Allows encryption for multiple recepients.
>* Generates Key Revocation Certificates.
>2. Eudora related features:
>* Supports latest Eudora versions (2.1.3/1.5.3) known to break certain scripts.
>* User-configurable Auto Move PGP messages to designated mailbox.
>* User-configurable Auto Decrypt source data before processing.
>3. Macintosh related features:
>* Handles encrypting/decrypting messages larger than 32K internally, while
>allowing editing of the top/first 32K chunck.
>* Extensive support of drag-and-drop.
>* Documented handlers calls for use by other scripters.
>To run MPGPC you need:
>1. The Scriptable Finder,
>2. Geneva font family,
>3. MacPGP (tested with the 2.6ui and 2.6.2 versions),
>4. The following additional extensions should be in the Extensions folder
>inside the System Folder:
>   * AppleScript,
>   * FaceSpan Extension v2.0.1, which lives on
>   <>
>5. The following osaxen which should be part of the standard distribution
>of the Scriptable Finder, and which should reside in the Scripting
>Additions folder inside the Extensions folder:
>   * Choose File,
>   * Display Dialog,
>   * File Commands,
>   * Load Script,
>   * New File,
>   * Numerics,
>   * programmer's tool,
>   * Read/Write Commands,
>   * Store Script,
>   * String Commands.
>MPGPC is a freeware.