1996-01-04 - Re: Fred Cohen, PhD

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From: everard@infi.net (M. Scott Everard)
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From: everard@infi.net (M. Scott Everard)
Date: Thu, 4 Jan 1996 13:55:10 +0800
Subject: Re: Fred Cohen, PhD
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In article <9512311818.AA16259@all.net>, fc@all.net (Fred Cohen) says:
>> Regarding Fred Cohen, PhD:
>> Cohen's haughty and bombastic style do nothing good for his reputation.  I
>> assume he advertises his PhD to highlight his early accomplishments; he has
>> done little since.

Anyone that has earned a PhD has EARNED the right to follow his/her name
with that distinction.  Power to him.  It's an accomplishment that we should
all strive for if we're so inclined.  Dr Cohen: I respect your degree and it
doesn't bother me one bit for you to  use the title that you deserve.

>Apparently you have a reading disability.  I haven't used Ph.D. next to my
>name on this forum for some time.
>> Let's also consider the granting institution, a second-rank school.

Let's consider the cretin that considers USC a "second rank school."

>When you insult me, that's one thing, but insulting my school is
>something quite different.  The University of Southern California is one
>of the finest educational institutions in the world, and is widely
>recognized as such.  The engineering school at USC (from which I earned
>my Ph.D.) is commonly ranked in the top 10 in the US, and in the year
>that I graduated, my department was ranked in the top 5 in the US.
>USC, in addition to having a fine athletic tradition, also has many
>unique benefits that sets it apart from many other excellent schools. 
>But I wouldn't want to advertise in this forum - you'll have to contact
>them directly for more extensive information.
>> Cohen's thesis broke new ground, but how many people have read it, or any of
>> his writings, or know anything about his ideas beyond a single word?  How far
>> did he carry this work?  Where are the conference and journal papers?  Cohen's
>> reputation faded into obscurity long ago.  Now he is building a new reputation
>> as a pig-headed loudmouth, threatening his "defamers."  Shades of Sternlight.

And what, may I ask, have YOU written?

>Some people are ignorant because they haven't had a chance to learn, but
>other people are ignorant because they choose to be.  In your case, it is
>apparently the latter.  But I will answer your questions nonetheless:
>How many people have read it, or any of his writings, or know anything
>about his ideas beyond a single word?
>        The thesis has only sold a few hundred copies, however, over
>        20,000 people have read my books on the subject.  My two
>        articles in "The Sciences" reached about 25,000 people each.
>        But I don't think thatr the value of peoples' work is a
>        function of how many people know about them.
>How far did he carry this work?
>        I have published over 30 refereed journal articles on the subject,
>        about 50 conference papers, about 100 invited talks, and today,
>        over 1/2 of all computers in the world run virus defense software
>        using techniques I first published.  That's more refereed papers
>        than anyone else in the world on that particular subject.
>Where are the conference and journal papers?
>        They are listed on the Web site listed below.  They include
>        IEEE, ACM, and IFIP papers, invited papers at IEEE, ACM,
>        DPMA, IFIP, and NIST conferences (as well as many others).
>So, now that we have a very brief history of my work, let us all know
>where you went to school, how many journal and conference papers you
>have published, how many books you have written.
>We already know that you won't tell people your name because you are
>afraid to have it associated with you personally, but maybe you can help
>us all understand how expert you are and what you have contributed to
>the world so we can appreciate your point of view.
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I really don't understand this guys' hostility toward Dr Cohen.  But...
it just doesn't matter.  To hell with him.