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From: rah@shipwright.com (Robert Hettinga)
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From: rah@shipwright.com (Robert Hettinga)
Date: Sat, 10 Feb 1996 08:21:16 +0800
To: cypherpunks@toad.com
Subject: Fwd: Web900 -  The easiest way to charge users ...
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Date: Fri, 09 Feb 1996 12:29:14 -0800
From: "J. Kent Hastings" <zeus@pinsight.com>
Organization: The Agorist Institute
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Subject: Fwd: Web900 -  The easiest way to charge users ...
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I just received this in email:

Web_Design_and_Promotion Mailing List wrote:
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> ------------------------------------------------------------------
> Web900 -  The easiest way to charge users to access your web site!
> ------------------------------------------------------------------
> Dear WebMaster,
> We'd like to use this bandwidth to introduce you to a new service
> called Web900. Simply put, Web900 is the easiest way to charge your
> users for products, services, or accessing areas on your web site. The
> net is finally becoming a place where all of us can make money and
> Web900 is the easiest, most secure way that we've seen to collect that
> money from people surfing the net.
> We'd also like to take this opportunity to tell you a little bit about
> our company. Logicom has been in the online industry since 1987. We
> were one of the first developers for a BBS package called The Major BBS
> (now called Worldgroup) by Galacticomm, Inc. Since then, we've grown
> into a successful developer and Galacticomm's largest reseller.
> In 1994, we entered into the 900 access code business with a service
> called "Quick Credit 900." Quick Credit 900 works strictly with The
> Major BBS and Worldgroup systems by Galacticomm and it quickly grew
> into one of the largest 900 billing services available for the online
> industry. At the end of 1995, we bought out T.A.B.S. 900 in order to
> expand our market beyond just Galacticomm systems. T.A.B.S. covers
> other BBS packages such as Wildcat!, PCBoard, Searchlight, Mindwire and
> TBBS. This buyout made us the largest 900 billing service for the
> online industry.
> The next logical progression was to add Web900. Web900 enables Logicom
> to completely blanket the entire online industry with an easy to use
> 900 billing service. Our first few Web900 customers have been
> resoundingly successful. Contrary to popular belief, people really are
> spending money on the net! We have hundreds of clients using Quick
> Credit 900 and T.A.B.S. already and hopefully you'll be one of our new
> Web900 clients and help us grow Web900 into the success that our other
> 900 services are enjoying, while at the same time increasing real
> commerce on the web.
> Web900 is great for E-Zines, Adult Sites, Low cost product sales,
> Nonprofit organizations collecting donations, Member based information
> services, and virtually any web site that wants to charge for access.
> If you or any of your customers currently charge for access (or even if
> you're just thinking about it), we invite you to check out the
> information on Web900. Our URL is http://www.logicom.com - we do offer
> services other than Web900, so feel free to surf around while you're
> visiting. Once you're at our site, to get to the Web900 information,
> just click on the Web900 icon found on the clickable image map.
> Here's how it works: A web surfer gets to your site and wants to access
> a restricted area. You will have a form (see our web site for a sample
> form) that tells them to call a 900 number with their voice phone. They
> will call the 900 number, enter your Web Site's System ID (referenced
> on your form), and they will be given a redemption code. Then, they
> simply enter the redemption code into the form and they're all done -
> they have access. They will be billed on their phone bill and you (the
> webmaster) will receive a check from us (Logicom) 45 days after the end
> of the billing period for all codes obtained during that billing period.
> You'll find that Web900 is better than Cybercash, DigiCash, First
> Virtual or any other electronic cash method because it's so easy to
> use. Your customers don't have to fill out some sort of application ...
> they don't have to deal with "wallets", "VirtualPINs", or "ecash" ...
> they don't have to give ANYONE their credit card number or checking
> account number ... and they don't have to figure out what the heck
> "electronic cash" is. All this means that you don't have to sell them
> on any new payment concepts - everyone pays their phone bill with real
> money right now. They don't have to change their spending habits in any
> way.
> It's also important to mention that Web900 is totally secure. Web
> surfers don't have to give anyone their credit card number at any time.
> In fact, they don't even need to have a credit card number. The
> redemption code that they get from Web900 is only good on your system
> and it's only good for one use. You, the Webmaster, will be downloading
> a set of codes via a secure modem connection (not over the internet)
> for redemption purposes. There's no need for encryption to be used -
> everything can be done "in the clear" without any security concerns.
> Lastly, Web900 costs you absolutely nothing to setup, so you really
> have nothing to lose. (There is a 20% fee taken out of each call to pay
> the phone company and our administration fees.) In closing, we'd like
> to ask you to please look at the information on Web900 located at
> http://www.logicom.com and compare them to the other options (URLs are
> located at the bottom of this letter). If you have any questions,
> please feel free to e-mail us at web900@logicom.com or give us a call
> at (800) 764-4266 (international callers please use (954) 726-3868).
> Thank you for the time you've taken to read this letter, we hope you've
> find this knowledge useful.
> --------------------------------------------------------------
> Web900 is a trademark of Logicom, Inc. - http://www.logicom.com
> Worldgroup and The Major BBS are trademarks of Galacticomm, Inc. -
> http://www.gcomm.com
> Cybercash is a trademark of Cybercash, Inc. - http://www.cybercash.com
> Digicash and ecash are trademarks of Digicash bv -
> http://www.digicash.com
> First Virtual and VirtualPIN are trademarks of First Virtual Holdings
> Corproation - http://www.fv.com
> Note: Web900 is only available for *your* customers in the United
> States.
> ------------------------------------------------------------------
> Web900 -  The easiest way to charge users to access your web site!
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J. Kent Hastings
Assistant Director of The Agorist Institute
zeus@pinsight.com, http://www.pinsight.com/~zeus/agorist/

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