1996-02-22 - Re: “and two forms of ID”

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From: rah@shipwright.com (Robert Hettinga)
To: perry@piermont.com
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UTC Datetime: 1996-02-22 05:45:11 UTC
Raw Date: Wed, 21 Feb 96 21:45:11 PST

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From: rah@shipwright.com (Robert Hettinga)
Date: Wed, 21 Feb 96 21:45:11 PST
To: perry@piermont.com
Subject: Re: "and two forms of ID"
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>I'm sufficiently impressed with the arguments against name credentials
>that Carl Ellison has made that I'm looking seriously into systems
>that don't do any sort of conventional certificate binding at all...

... and I bet, Wei Dai's contentions to the contrary, that they'll be
*cheaper* to use than those which do certificate binding, all other things
being equal.

Bob Hettinga

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