1996-03-10 - Re: Explosives, Criminality, and Preemptive Action

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From: Ed Carp <erc@dal1820.computek.net>
To: Anonymous <nobody@REPLAY.COM>
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Raw Date: Mon, 11 Mar 1996 01:50:01 +0800

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From: Ed Carp <erc@dal1820.computek.net>
Date: Mon, 11 Mar 1996 01:50:01 +0800
To: Anonymous <nobody@REPLAY.COM>
Subject: Re: Explosives, Criminality, and Preemptive Action
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It is quite common to find ammonium nitrate fertilizer and diesel fuel on
a farm, as well as blasting caps, dynamite, gasoline, soap, and a host of
other things that could be used to make a bomb.  When non-country folks
bring it up, my most common reaction is, "so?" 

Lots of stuff that you find on a farm can be made to hurt lots of other
people.  Guns, rat poison, flammables, explosives ... the list goes on and
on.  Doesn't mean that they are used for such purposes, nor does it mean
that such would ever be anyone's intent.  They are tools, nothing more. 

Next thing you know, they'll be banning selling ammonia and chlorine 
bleach together.  Sheesh.
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