1996-05-01 - Re: [Fwd: Cylink can export 128-bit DH?]

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From: droelke@rdxsunhost.aud.alcatel.com (Daniel R. Oelke)
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UTC Datetime: 1996-05-01 22:03:33 UTC
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From: droelke@rdxsunhost.aud.alcatel.com (Daniel R. Oelke)
Date: Thu, 2 May 1996 06:03:33 +0800
To: pclow@pc.jaring.my
Subject: Re: [Fwd: Cylink can export 128-bit DH?]
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> Dear Wei Dai
> I understand that ITAR prohibits the export of strong crypto
> and that is why I was puzzled that Ms Glenda Barnes, the Director
> of Marketing in Cylink, said that Cylink could export the same crypto
> (i.e. DES) that was used in the U.S. to local banks here in Malaysia.
> She also claimed that Cylink could also export a 128-bit DH key size.
> (is it strong enough in the first place? )
> I'm confused : Either she's pulling wool over the attendees' eyes or
> Cylink has got some pretty good connections.
> She could not have been mistaken as she was replying to a specific 
> question about the ITAR and the export issue of strong crypto.
> Can anyone help?

There are provisions for exporting DES for banking purposes. 
Generally it is a hardware card that "can't" be reused outside 
of the banking transfer machine.  I don't know the details
of how such licenses are applied for, but I have a friend you 
used to work in that area.

On 128-bit DH - No-where near big enough.

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