1996-06-19 - Re: Remailer Operator Liability?

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From: Steven L Baur <steve@miranova.com>
To: perry@piermont.com
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UTC Datetime: 1996-06-19 01:13:59 UTC
Raw Date: Wed, 19 Jun 1996 09:13:59 +0800

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From: Steven L Baur <steve@miranova.com>
Date: Wed, 19 Jun 1996 09:13:59 +0800
To: perry@piermont.com
Subject: Re: Remailer Operator Liability?
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>>>>> "Perry" == Perry E Metzger <perry@piermont.com> writes:

Perry> Duncan Frissell writes:
>> At 08:43 AM 6/17/96 -0400, Declan B. McCullagh wrote:
>> >I believe we used the term "email exploder" instead of "mailing list,"
>> >particularly in cross-examination and closing arguments, to convey the
>> >idea that such a device is often used for conversation, not just one-way
>> >communication.
>> Was this term invented during the hearings or has anyone heard of it before?

Perry> It is not common, but it used to be used in the early days a lot. I
Perry> don't think I've heard it much since '85 or so.

The term is used commonly in the Linux community due to the
vger.rutgers.edu bottleneck most of the development mailing lists go
through.  There's too much volume for one machine to handle, so
exploders are used to relay outgoing email by domain name.  This has
to mean that the subscriber list is distributed via the exploders,
though I'm not familiar with exactly how they're doing it.

At any rate, the way they are used put it in direct contradiction to
Declan's quote above, since they are *only* used as a broadcast
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