1996-11-06 - No Subject

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Raw Date: Wed, 6 Nov 1996 10:21:21 -0800 (PST)

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From: Bovine Remailer <haystack@cow.net>
Date: Wed, 6 Nov 1996 10:21:21 -0800 (PST)
To: cypherpunks@toad.com
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On Wed, 6 Nov 1996 stewarts@ix.netcom.com wrote:

> Headline:
>    State Government says it will seek to censor all computer
>    transmissions of offensive material after its censorship act came
>    into force last Friday. [Newsbytes, 67 words]
> Probably not as competent as Singapore at enforcement,
> but what do people know about it?

I'll check with the Aus EFA and get back to you on the above. Hmmm, I 
wonder if a home user with a networked computer in say his lounge and 
another in his study will be guilty of a crime if he sends an electronic 
(and offensive) message to that other node!

Press 'N' now if your not interested in a tounge in cheek brief on 
Australian politics this week...

Action such as the above by WA would not suprise me it..of course its been 
tried before and defeated but that doesn't stop our political thugs here, 
they just put it on the backburner for a year and try again until people 
get tired of responding and pass it by default. Hell last week a federal 
member from WA spent 20 minutes ranting in parliament why all domestic 
cats (and feral cats) in Australia should be destroyed (Pussy Hater) 
whilst Australia's economy continues to slide, manufacturing moves 
offshore and our already record unemployment continues to rise.

Semi-auto firearms were banned here this month (even though the Prime 
Minister stated earlier that he knew it wouldn't solve 'The Problem'), 
including semi-auto shotguns. All other firearms are now hard to obtain 
(must show a valid _reason_ for obtaining a permit for each individual 
firearm, including air rifles - note the protection of ones life is not a 
reason..its specifically excluded in the legislation); double edged knives 
are now a prohibited import. [Note: sling shots are already banned so 
that leaves just spears, bows and stones to be legislated against and 
Australia will be projectile-weapon free]. A local member was asked if 
police would still be carrying guns now that The Problem was solved and 
he responded with..no, there's still dangerous criminals out there; 
without realising the irony of his statement. Hmmmmm.

This morning I read in the paper that my local city council is going to 
pass a regulation that will enable them to gas my cat (Lots of Pussy 
Haters here) if it eats a bird, 'strays' off my property, or generally 
has the nerve to make itself noticed. There is talk of banning 'protection' 
type dog breeds after an old women was killed recently, supposedly by a 

A police sgt told a WA poliscum that a stolen car incident he 
investigated 3 weeks ago could only have been done by criminals using 
information obtained from the internet (yeah thats how ALL the crims 
learn hotwiring). This was then reported to the WA parliament as factual.

Meanwhile our Foreign Minister (the same intellectual giant that 
recently spoke to the CEO of the US Reserve bank then spilled 
his guts to the press about the US Reserve Banks' intentions wrt interest 
rates - and awoke the next morning and found, much to his suprise, a bit 
of a market ruffle in full swing) today made a commitment to the UN that 
we would be taking steps with respect to multi-culturalism and native 
reconciliation, like some arse-licker at the international-cocktail 
party. Well at least it's now clear he is answerable to the UN for 
domestic policy.

Our PM (Little Johnny 'flaK jacket' Howard) made a statement recently that 
his election would usher in a new era of free speech, however, now 
that an independant member with apparantly substantial grass roots support 
suggests politically incorrect things like reducing immigration, cutting 
the 50 hours a week child care for unemployed stay at home single mothers 
and the billions spent on ineffective aboriginal bodies all of parliament 
wants her to shut up. She has received death threats from Vietnamise drug 
gangs for expressing these views but she should be OK now because firearms 
are illegal.

This week a recently retired Supreme Court Judge was named in parliament
was named in parliament (under parliamentary privelege) as 
receiving favoured treatment by a commission investigating child sex 
charges. Apparantly the shock was so severe that he was forced to commit 
suicide that very night after insisting his innocence. The government 
side called for her dismissal (seemingly not because he was named but 
because he chose to kill himself) and suggested limitations on parliamentary 
speech. The good judge must not have had enough faith in his own legal 
system to trust his reputation to it and face a court of law. Police are 
also under investigation on child sex charges by that same body.

Now you point out that if I say fuck here (Ooops thats illegal now) I can 
expect armed thugs kicking down my door to drag me back to WA for trial.
I guess anyone state side better cancel any plans to visit our little 
autocracy here now, especially John, after all the message is being bounced 
into WA from his computer and if the legislation is like the laughable bill 
that was attempted to be introduced into New South Wales earlier this year 
he'll be in big trouble (i know this will come as a frightening shock to 

I better go find myself a good throwing rock, I think I here the sound of 
jack-boots on my path.