1996-12-16 - Carto international money-laundering/embezzlement case

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From: rcgraves@ix.netcom.com
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From: rcgraves@ix.netcom.com
Date: Sun, 15 Dec 1996 23:51:51 -0800 (PST)
To: cypherpunks@toad.com
Subject: Carto international money-laundering/embezzlement case
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Dale Thorn <dthorn@gte.net> wrote:
> Further (and at the risk of being identified with a particular
> political slant, which I don't have), this "newspaper" is actively 
> collaborating with other international interests to put the nail in 
> Free Speech, via the Holocaust issue.  Carto of Liberty Lobby fame 

Apologies for replying to a crank whom most people are already ignoring, 
but I've got lots of material relating to the case of Legion v. Carto, 
which Dale summarizes quite wrongly, at 

Cypherpunk relevance: HUGE. Money laundering, reputation control, data and 
tax havens, libertarian and Nazi fantasies, criminal cults, and a dog named 
Fido. Judge Maino:

|     I believe that I could appoint a platoon of lawyers and accountants 
| to look into this case and I would still not be much closer to answering 
| the following questions than I am today. The reason the truth will never
| be fully known is because the parties, all highly intelligent and 
| capable, seem to have spent their lives forming organizations and then 
| transferring money between these organizations to avoid problems with
| their opponents or the government. A good example of this is Ms. Farrel.
| She gives up U.S. Citizenship, takes Columbian citizenship, and resides 
| in Switzerland to avoid taxes. She keeps her assets in the U.S., England,
| Switzerland, Germany, Singapore and Japan. She sets up a Liberian 
| corporation, Neca, to take charge of her assets for the Legion which is a
| Texas corporation doing business in California. 

Far from Dale's preoccupation with "international joo interests," it's a 
case of two neo-Nazi groups suing each other over the mismanagement of an 
inheritance. Stir in a little CoS interest (they want to cover up 
Marcellus's involvement with Holocaust denial and to associate recent legal 
actions against the cult in Germany with the Holocaust), and it's a 
veritable cornucopia of fruitcakes bashing each other, all over money for 
which no clear accounting can be made because it was always kept at least 
partly underground.

Would that we could all do so well.

The judge's letter on how he saw the witnesses is *very* entertaining.
It's legion-vs-carto-letter.html in the above directory, but by all means, 
read it all. If you have soft copies of anything The Spotlight or any other 
pro-Carto rag has to say for itself, I'd be delighted to archive them, too.

- -rich

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