1996-12-12 - Cypherpunks Dec Mtg / upDate + TEXT-only version

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From: Dave Del Torto <ddt@pgp.com>
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From: Dave Del Torto <ddt@pgp.com>
Date: Wed, 11 Dec 1996 18:35:05 -0800 (PST)
To: pgp-mime@purpletape.cs.uchicago.edu
Subject: Cypherpunks Dec Mtg / upDate + TEXT-only version
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For those who can't get to the web page <http://www.pgp.com/961214.html> for one reason or another, the Cypherpunks December 96 Physical Meeting being hosted by PGP Inc is scheduled for:

   Saturday 14 December, 11am-5pm PST.

My apologies for not being specific in the previous SMTP version.

Reminder: _please_ RSVP ASAP as follows: <mailto:ddt@pgp.com?subject=cpunks-mtg-rsvp>
That's a reply to this mail/address with the subject: "cpunks-mtg-rsvp" (no quotes). Thanks to all who've RSVP in compliance with this request so far: I'm no longer worried about being there alone. ;)

Note: since there is a limit to the number of people we can fit in this meeting room (above which the Sofitel will no longer "look the other way"), as soon as we go over 100 RSVP's I'll post a notice (this evening, at this rate). We certainly don't want to discourage anyone from showing up, but be aware that there are physical limits involved, so let us know ASAP.


PS: Here's a TEXT version of the most up-to-date web content:

................................. cut here .................................


Cypherpunks December 1996 Physical Meeting           [text version]

hosted by Pretty Good Privacy, Inc.

This meeting is being held on United States Soil and is open to the
General Public.

Web URL (includes map): <http://www.pgp.com/961214.html>


 Please RSVP!
 PGP Key Exchange
 Meeting Time
 PGP Engineers
 Directions to the Meeting
  From the North or East Bay
  From the South Bay

Important Summary Information:

Attendee RSVPs:
  mail to: <ddt@pgp.com>
  subject: cpunks-mtg-rsvp
General info queries
  mail to: <ddt@pgp.com>
  subject: cpunks-mtg-info-request
Agenda proposals
  mail to: <ddt@pgp.com>
  subject: cpunks-mtg-agenda-request
Demo requests
  mail to: <ddt@pgp.com>
  subject: cpunks-mtg-demo-request
 Demo/Agenda item deadline: 11:59pm PST Thursday 12 December 1996


	Saturday 14 December 1996
	11am to 5pm PST


	Hotel Sofitel, 223 Twin Dolphin Drive, Redwood Shores, California 94065
	  +1.415.598.9000 main hotel telephone
	Room location: ask at hotel Main Desk or follow "Cypherpunks" signs.


The Cypherpunks group is an informal, open-membership group dedicated to
various topics on Cryptography and Privacy, and the agenda is determined
by the people who attend. Various software and public-interest issues
may be discussed. The final agenda for the December meeting will be
announced at the meeting based on agenda items submitted by email (see

The Cypherpunks December 96 Physical Meeting is being hosted by Pretty
Good Privacy, Inc in a meeting room at the Hotel Sofitel (see below)
that can accomodate up to 100 people. There will be refreshments/snacks,
and I think this qualifies as a "cypherpunk milestone" of sorts, so we
hope lots of people show up. The meeting has been advertised through
numerous Internet resources and in the print media (SJMN Classified
Notices 12/7 & 12/8).

Please contact me for general information, or to submit an item for the
meeting's agenda. Agenda items must be submitted by email with a brief
textual summary which should specify any computer or AV equipment
needed. The deadline for agenda item requests/proposals is 11:59 PM
Thursday 12 December.

     Dave Del Torto    (December chairperson)


Please RSVP!

Please RSVP if you plan to attend. Tell/bring your friends as well. PGP
Inc has rented a meeting room (plus amenities) that can accomodate up to
100 people for the meeting. Besides the maximum capacity restrictions on
the meeting room (fire codes), it's important that we have an idea of
how many people plan to attend as soon as possible before the meeting,
because we're also arranging for refreshments/snacks (you do not need to
bring anything to eat/drink this time). Thank you for your


If you want to make a Cypherpunks-related presentation or demo
software/etc at the meeting, please notify the chairperson before the
meeting. (ASAP!) Everyone with something to say or show is encouraged to
bring/show it (even stuff that's already been demoed before but which
has been updated).

The cutoff date for demo reservations is also 11:59 PM Thursday 12
December. We can try to have the equipment you might need ready if you
list what you need in detail (and early): otherwise, bring your own
equipment. Though we'll do our best to accomodate everyone, if you wait
until the last minute, there may not be room for you unless you have
something very simple/brief, so please bear that in mind.

There will be overhead projector for transparencies and an RGB projector
for laptops. Net connections (analog modem, ISDN) can be arranged with
enough advance notice. Right now, we have not arranged anything beyond a
Metricom modem (28.8Kbps), but we can arrange an analog modem line or
even an ISDN if there's a specific need. Tell me soon(!).


Paper handouts are welcome: please give me your stack for the handout
table when you arrive.

There will be door-prizes from PGP, but supplies will be limited if 100
people show up. We will also to raffle off some PGP software (ViaCrypt
stuff, upgradable when our new versions arrive).

PGP Key Exchange

Bring a printout of/screen with your PGP key fingerprint. Or a diskette
version if you want to have it signed (or both). We'll have a "key
exchange moment" at the end of the meeting to faciitate expansion of the
PGP Web of Trust.

Meeting Time

Meeting time is 11 AM to 5 PM. This is slightly earlier than usual for a
Cypherpunks meeting because we have to be out of the meeting room
shortly after 5 PM (so a wedding can be set up), but we can meet in
small informal groups in the hotel lobby/bar after the meeting.


The IETF's PGP/MIME BOF is the previous morning: Friday 13 Dec,
9:00-11:30 AM (Crystal Room, Fairmont Hotel, 170 South Market St. in
Downtown San Jose, 408.998.1900 main). Remember: it's a "Birds Of a
Feather" session on the last day of the IETF conference (make of that
what you will). Please come by if you want to help support RFC 2015 so
PGP/MIME can take the next step toward IETF Working Group discussion so
we can eventually move it further along the IETF Standards Track. Anyone
who's at the IETF is of course encouraged to stay over until Saturday
and come to the Cypherpunks meeting too!

PGP Engineers

PGP's engineering staff is being encouraged to attend the Cypherpunks
meeting: not to compromise trade secrets or strategic plans, but to
listen to, and/or answer if possible, reasonable
questions/bug-reports/feature requests/etc. Persons interested in
employment opportunities at PGP Inc are also encouraged to attend and
bring a resume/diskette/etc.

Directions to the Meeting

The Sofitel is just off Twin Dolphin Drive a few blocks south of
Oracle's silvery towers (hard to miss). Parking is available in the
hotel's parking structure.

 From the North Bay
(East Bay attendees: first cross the San Mateo Bridge/Hwy 92 west).

	SOUTH on 101 (Bayshore Freeway).
	EXIT at Ralston Ave/Marine Parkway.
	GO EAST on Marine Parkway toward SF Bay (Oracle is on the left).
	RIGHT on Twin Dolphin Drive (2nd light after the overpass)
    Follow Twin Dolphin (curvy) for less than a mile.
	LEFT on Shoreline Drive.
    The Hotel Sofitel is on your left.

 From the South Bay:

	NORTH on 101 (Bayshore Freeway) to Redwood City
	EXIT at Holly Street/Redwood Shores Drive.
	GO EAST on Redwood Shores Drive (toward SF Bay).
	LEFT at Twin Dolphin Drive (2nd traffic light)
    Follow Twin Dolphin (curvy) for less than a mile.
	RIGHT on Shoreline Drive.
    The Hotel Sofitel is on your left.

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