1996-12-29 - Advanced cryptography course

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From: Robert Hettinga <rah@shipwright.com>
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From: Robert Hettinga <rah@shipwright.com>
Date: Sun, 29 Dec 1996 03:54:33 -0800 (PST)
To: cypherpunks@toad.com
Subject: Advanced cryptography course
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Date: Sat, 28 Dec 1996 12:24:41 -0500 (EST)
From: Christof Paar <christof@ece.WPI.EDU>
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Subject: Advanced cryptography course
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This is an announcment for an advanced cryptography course in the greater
Boston area:

Here comes the syllabus for the course EE 589R, Advanced Topics in
Cryptography and Data Security. The first class will be held on Monday,
January 20, at Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

The course is a continuation of EE 578/CS 578, Cryptography and Data
Security. It will provide a deeper insight into several areas of cryptology
which are of great practical and theoretical importance. The three main
areas treated are: Detailed analysis and implementation of public key
algorithms, advanced protocols, and modern attacks against cryptographic
schemes. We will address many topics which are usually only treated in the
research literature.

Please feel free to get in touch with me any time if you have further
questions about the course.


Christof Paar

Christof Paar                      http://ee.wpi.edu/People/faculty/cxp.html
Assistant Professor                email:  christof@ece.wpi.edu
ECE Department                     phone:  (508) 831 5061
Worcester Polytechnic Institute    fax:    (508) 831 5491
100 Institute Road
Worcester, MA 01609, USA


                       Spring `97
                  WPI, Monday 5:30-8:30


Week 1
Efficient implementation of RSA: The Chinese Remainder Theorem.

Week 2
Efficient implementation of public-key systems over finite fields: Galois
fields theory.

Week 3
Implementation of Galois field arithmetic.

Week 4
Efficient arithmetic with long numbers: Montgomery and Karatsuba-Ofman

Week 5
Efficient exponentiation algorithms.

Week 6
Attacks against the discrete logarithms: Shank's algorithm and Pollard's-rho

Week 7
Midterm Exam

Week 8
Attacks against the discrete logarithms: Index calculus method.

Week 9
Attacks against block ciphers: Differential cryptanalysis.

Week 10
Block ciphers from arithmetic operations: IDEA.

Week 11
Secret sharing and threshold schemes.

Week 12
Zero knowledge identification schemes.

Week 13
Selected topics, depending on class interest.

Week 14
Final Exam.


Menezes, van Oorschot, Vanstone: Handbook of Applied Cryptography. CRC
Press, October 96, ISBN 0-8493-8523-7, $80

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