1996-12-20 - Solidarity with Peruvian Guerrilla!

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From: aaron@burn.ucsd.edu (Aaron)
Date: Fri, 20 Dec 1996 11:40:23 -0800 (PST)
To: aaron@burn.ucsd.edu (All recipients)
Subject: Solidarity with Peruvian Guerrilla!
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I am writing this while I am tired and should be asleep, since I think that
this matter is too urgent to delay. I apologize for any careless

By now, you all know that the Peruvian guerrilla group MRTA (Movimiento
Revolucionario Tupac Amaru) has occupied the mansion of the Japanese
ambassador in Lima and is holding several hundred prisoners. Unless you are
in an unusual part of the world, you also have seen how the bourgeois media
are discussing the matter as a problem of how to deal with 'terrorists.'

For the working people and all the oppressed and exploited of the world,
and for socialists, communists, and anarchists, the seizure of the
ambassador's residence along with about 400 bourgeois dinner guests is a
great accomplishment. It is a blow against the terrorism of the Peruvian
state and its imperialist patrons! Those captured in the raid include many
members of the Peruvian and international ruling elite, including the head
of Peru's secret police! It will be politically very difficult for the
Peruvian state to launch a military attack as a means of resolving the
crisis, since that would create quite a few 'illustrious corpses' and lead
to a falling out among bourgeois sectors.. (And it would be difficult to
get the world's poor majority to join the bourgeoisie in mourning its
dead!) It seems that there is already a falling out between Fujimori and
the Japanese over Fujimori's refusal, so far, to negotiate.

It is very important that the situation in Lima not be resolved in a way
that can be seen as a victory for the bourgeoisie. It is our task to
publicize who the real criminals are in Peru and to help wring concessions
from the Peruvian dictatorship. In particular, we should demand the release
of all political prisoners and prisoners of war from Peru's hideous
torture-chamber prisons. In this context, let's not get involved in
sectarian battles among the various factions of Peru's anti-government
left. Whatever differences the groups have, and these are very serious, we
must keep in mind that the Peruvian state and its imperialist backers (in
Washington, Tokyo, London, Bonn, etc.) are the main enemy. All political
prisoners must be released, whether of MRTA, the PCP (Shining Path) or

Thanks to the widespread publicity given to the events in Lima, many more
people will be interested in what we have to say about Peru than normally
would. Let's organize demonstrations at Peruvian Embassies, Consulates,
airline offices, etc. Let's raise our voices in whatever forum may be
available to defend the heroic guerrillas and to denounce the real

--In solidarity,
--Aaron <aaron@burn.ucsd.edu>

P.S. Plans are being made for a demonstration at the Peruvian Consulate in
San Francisco, California -- probably on Monday, December 23. If you live
in the area, please send me an e-mail message. Otherwise, do what you can
in your area!


Web site on the current crisis:

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Velazco, Representative Of The Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Movement (MRTA) In

Partial list of hostages:

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