1996-12-10 - nyc internet world party schedule and survival tips

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From: “Andrew K. Bressen” <bressen@hks.net>
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From: "Andrew K. Bressen" <bressen@hks.net>
Date: Mon, 9 Dec 1996 16:47:03 -0800 (PST)
To: bressen@spirit.hks.net
Subject: nyc internet world party schedule and survival tips
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an internet world nyc party schedule is at 

There's a mondo party at the Tunnel Club on thursday night,
 220 12th Ave (West Side Highway and 27th Street), 18:30-20:30
one of the groups I'm affiliated with (WWWeb Artists Consortium) 
is one of the hosts. 

I believe that thursday night is also the PGP Inc party. 

This makes wednesday the logical night for a get-together,
unless folks tell me otherwise. 
People who are around and interested in dinner after the show 
and before the vendor parties, send me mail. 

I live about 15 blocks from Javits, so if folks have problems (stolen luggage, 
need crash space, etc.) or just want to swing by to say hi, gimme a ring. 
home number: 212-489-6913. I don't have a pager just now. 

I'll probably be at the exhibit hall wandering during the afternoons. 

At least one person asked for directions:
 the front door of the javits convention center 
 is at about 36th street and 11th avenue. 
has pictures and directions. 

For good food, hike (1/2 - 1 mile; do not try to take a taxi this way
during rush hours) over to 9th avenue from 42nd to 55th streets. 
There is very little food anywhere near javits; one diner across the street, 
the concessions inside, and the street vendors are about it. 
Thus, eat before or after, but don't expect to pop out
for 10 minutes and find something you'd want. 
See recommendations at bottom. 

Saturday I plan to drive to ~Boston, so folks wanting a lift can
also drop me a line. 

Some recommendations (North-South):
   Mee Noodle Shop  795 Ninth Avenue, at 53rd Street. 212-765-2929
    very cheap, pretty fast, and yummy chinese. 
   Afghan Kebab House 764 Ninth Avenue, between 51st and 52nd Streets.
    authentic and yummy kebobs and rice
    there are one or two other afghan places within spitting distance,
    all are closet sized (DON'T try to bring in more than 4 people at once)
   The Lemon Tree
    middle eastern; falafal, humous, kebabs served at glacial speeds.
    cheap, and they have lamayjan (middle eastern spicy cold meat pizza)
   El Azteca        ninth ave
    new york mexican, with the nicest restaurant owner I know
   Uncle Nick's     ninth ave
    greek food that many of my greek friends rave about
   J West           ninth ave
    ok chinese. lobster tank, and you can draw on the placemats. 
    sometimes not spicy enough. 
   Pongsri Thai     244 W. 48th Street, between Broadway and Eighth Avenue.
    a long hike from javits, and too close to the theaters, but there
    just isn't much good thai around here these days.
   Avanti           700 Ninth Avenue, at 48th Street. 212-586-7410
    expense account italian; fireplace and you might want reservations
   Pietrasanta      Ninth ave, ~47th street
    _very_ good italian, though portions aren't humungous.
    upscale enough that you might want reservations.
   Meskerem         47 st near 10th avenue
    home-style (teff-based injera) ethiopian
   Asia Caribe      ninth ave
    chino-latino (chinese with a latin american influence).
   Zen Palate       663 Ninth Avenue, at 46th Street. 212-582-1669
    height of elegant, sophisticated vegetarian dining
   Bali Nusa Indah  651 Ninth Avenue, between 45th and 46th Streets
    Indonesian. Features Rijstaafl (a little bit of everything).
   Turkish Cuisine  631 Ninth Avenue, between 44th and 45th Streets
    perfectly reasonable turkish food

all the sushi joints lining ninth ave along this stretch are 
ok, but not exemplery. avoid the thai places on the east side
of ninth avenue; they just aren't too good anymore. 
there's also a german place and a few fern bars; 
these are mostly ok. 
the block of 46th street labeled "restaurant row" is a tourist trap.