1996-12-12 - Re: WEB: Yahoo/Firefly Website recommendation service

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From: Alexander Chislenko <alexc@firefly.net>
To: Dale Thorn <dthorn@gte.net>
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UTC Datetime: 1996-12-12 16:49:52 UTC
Raw Date: Thu, 12 Dec 1996 08:49:52 -0800 (PST)

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From: Alexander Chislenko <alexc@firefly.net>
Date: Thu, 12 Dec 1996 08:49:52 -0800 (PST)
To: Dale Thorn <dthorn@gte.net>
Subject: Re: WEB: Yahoo/Firefly Website recommendation service
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At 06:52 PM 12/11/96 -0800, Dale Thorn wrote:
>Alexander Chislenko wrote:
>>   Firefly Network Inc. has just launched a public beta of our website
>> recommendation service on My Yahoo!  This service is the result of a
>> partnership between Yahoo! Inc. and Firefly Network, Inc. in application
>> of Automated Collaborative Filtering (ACF) technology to the Web.
>>   It allows users to find interesting websites interest and like-minded
>> people, and otherwise help the user navigate the vast domain of sites
>> and people in an intelligent and personalized way.
>I tried Firefly.  What a waste.  Unless your tastes in most things
>entertainment-wise are pretty mundane (music=Pearl Jam, Prince,
>other mainstream drek), they won't be able to find a match at all,
>no matter how much information you give them!

  You are talking about our first site, with music and movie recommendations.
I personally rated not-at-all-mainstream movies by Kurosawa and Tarkovsky and
got a similar advice.  Though, I agree, the recommendations are not perfect.
Partly, because the most of the audience are mainstream.  Partly, because
the site <www.ffly.com> runs the first version of our ACF software server.
The website recommendation uses the feature-guided ACF server that I hoped
would solve most of the algorithmic problems we encountered in the music
and movie domains.  I'd be interested to know what you think of it.

 Also: I created a group profile, name: cypherpunk, password: group
that people on this list might use together as a common interest view,
or a joint bookmark list. 

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