1997-01-23 - RE: greed and the internet

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From: Internaut <unde0275@frank.mtsu.edu>
To: “‘Attila T. Hun’” <attila@primenet.com>
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UTC Datetime: 1997-01-23 18:01:46 UTC
Raw Date: Thu, 23 Jan 1997 10:01:46 -0800 (PST)

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From: Internaut <unde0275@frank.mtsu.edu>
Date: Thu, 23 Jan 1997 10:01:46 -0800 (PST)
To: "'Attila T. Hun'" <attila@primenet.com>
Subject: RE: greed and the internet
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Will you send some references for Internet II and the government hubs?
	Thx, Internaut

From: 	Attila T. Hun[SMTP:attila@primenet.com]
Sent: 	Wednesday, January 22, 1997 08.32 PM
To: 	cypherpunks
Subject: 	greed and the internet


    greed and the internet

        our network provider (MCI) has been gradually burying our T1 
    trunk and the effective feed has been reduced to 1200 baud from 
    1.56 Megabaud; that, and add 20 seconds to 5+ minutes of packet 
    hold, and it is now worthless. they claim they will have increased
    capacity, but there are no pressing big money commercial interests
    on this feeder --so when?  

        Problem is not just here --everywhere; the greedy commercial 
    bastards have oversold their network space intentionally as they 
    are bucking for per packet and timed usage charges which are 
    currently prohibited by the FCC and the state PUCs. The FCC is the 
    key since other than the local network, which is burdened with the 
    costs of the trunk, everything is regulated by the FCC which is 
    trying to totally eliminate the state PUCs in the 105th Congress,     
    Newt's mouth not withstanding.

        The FCC agreed to review the matter, capitulating to 
    big greed interests, which will make the Internet a rich man's 
    toy. $19.95/month plus access charges will increase to thousands 
    of dollars per month; slow networks make toast of the free hours 
    and overtime kills.  Without the creative input of the multitude, 
    there will be no content, so why have a net other than for 
    commercial purposes? suites the misinformation cabal just fine.

	Well, the FCC granted a reprieve --for the moment. but will
    come up again, and again, until it passes.

        The Internet will no no longer be the peoples net, and the 
    commercial greedies are establishing a faster, more secure 
    network with controlled access points; leaving the common man's 
    access in the mud, still paying the exorbitant rates on a pay 
    before play basis.  That, and it gives control of information to 
    the government --which, as we all know. is 'heavenly white' 
    -above sin.

        Universities are being bought off with the 'Internet II' 
    proposal which provides super trunks of over 600 Megabaud 
    capacity, a 400 times improvement. All of this feeds into five 
    stategically placed super-hubs where Uncle's shadow government can 
    monitor everything.

        The Internet was supposed to be our freedom: freedom of 
    information and government in the sunshine, but government is 
    proving it is still bigger, faster, and badder by using draconian 
    rules of illegal regulatory agencies. agencies which are usurping 
    rights limited to the legislative branch.

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