1997-02-03 - Re: Trigger-Words…Trigger-Fingers

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From: lwjohnson@grill.sk.ca (Larry Johnson)
To: “Cynthia H. Brown” <cynthb@homer.sonetis.com>
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UTC Datetime: 1997-02-03 10:59:37 UTC
Raw Date: Mon, 3 Feb 1997 02:59:37 -0800 (PST)

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From: lwjohnson@grill.sk.ca (Larry Johnson)
Date: Mon, 3 Feb 1997 02:59:37 -0800 (PST)
To: "Cynthia H. Brown" <cynthb@homer.sonetis.com>
Subject: Re: Trigger-Words...Trigger-Fingers
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Cynthia H. Brown wrote:
> You would need to run a sniffer at a "choke point" of an
> organisation, for example the external router to the Internet, to
> capture all of the packets to / from that organisation.  Putting a
> sniffer on some arbitrary router out there in cloud-land would
> probably not be all that productive, since there's no guarantee that
> all of the IP packets carrying a given TCP connection would take the
> same route.
> Cynthia
> Junk mail will be ignored in the order in which it is received.
>   It is morally as bad not to care whether a thing
>   is true or not, so long as it makes you feel
>   good, as it is not to care how you got your money
>   as long as you have got it.
>         - Edmund Way Teale, "Circle of the Seasons"

Thats a good thing to say. I wonder howcom no one on this list figures
that all the cool things they say at the end should be thoght about
when it comes to what everyones doing on the list, with all the carp
and the like. (I maeant _crap_)
Everyone talks like their real smart, but I wonder if their not just
a bunch of lamers if they cant get their problems fixed without doing
all the stuff their mottos and stuff say not to do.

I'm on some lists run by kids and they don't tell anyone to shut up
but they still dont have to get all that stuff from the guys advrtising
because the kids running it know how to use their computers.
It sounds like a bunch of old guys on this list, since they don't
think someone should be called a dork when they _are_ one. If their
old then maybe they could ask their kids how to get rid of all the
lamer-stuff. But if they just want the other guys on the list to
shut up then their lamer-guys themselves, probablly7.
I guess all the Canadian guys are on the flame list, eh?, because
they're all hockey players.

I'm only on the list because I got a bunch of your mail that someone
put _fuck_you_ at the top, and when I tracked him down and gave him
hell, he used my internet guys to send bogus posts to you guys.
My uncle got on his machine and fixed it so it sends itself the Ping
of Death from a remailer. Hes been doing that for years, but only to
lamers who screw with him, otherwise he minds his own business.

Theres not many girls on this list, is there?
Do you spit or swallow? (Thats a joke---you dont have to answer)
Are you married?
I bet the guys on the list dont like it because you sound a whole lot
smarter than a lot of them. Old guys think that girls arent good with
computers, except for my uncle. He has to give a forteen year old 
girl on my list a hundred dollars because she got the Ping Of Death
past his firewall when his buddies at Lost Alamo New Mexico couldnt,
and their supposed to be experts because they belong to secret stuff
and some of them are cypherpunks, too, but they don't let anyone know
about it.
Anyway, myu ncle prints out the girl-cypherpunks stuff for the girls
on my list and they think its real cool and they all want to marry
technicians so that they can make them work on the computers for them,
kind of like making them do the computer dishes, you know.

I'm supossed to be in bed, but Im not, but I have to go.
My uncle is going to be mad when he finds out I'mn on cypherpunks
but the rule is that if I get on his secret machine I can do anything
I want to. When his machine boots Duke Nukem 3D is going to boot up
and he's going to be really m-bare-assed. He will shit when he finds
out I'm on cypherpunks list but it was because of him that the guy
started sending me all that junk from you so he cant say nothing.
(I hope!!!!)
He could whack those guys sending you penis drawings and stuff, because
he had his friends at Lost Alamo set up some remailers or get into them
or something to find out who it was, but hes not supposed to interfere
with your stuff but just watch and give people hints of stuff they
already know and stuff like that. He says you guys arent lamers (even
if you cant keep penis drawings off your machine) but just dont care
anymore about fixing your problems yourself.
I still think that you should just let your kids run your machine or
just pick the guy with the coolest name, like Attila the Hun or 
Genocide or OttOmatic.

I've got to go to bed really!
p.s. - My lists go t mail from fuck@yourself.up too but we didn't
_run_ his stuff, and were only kids. My uncle says you guys did.
(I wont call you guys a _lamer_ cause that would make me a _flamer_)  

p.p.s. ->   It is morally as bad not to care whether a thing
>   is true or not, so long as it makes you feel
>   good, as it is not to care how you got your _list_
>   as long as you have got it.
>         - B. D'Shauneaux, "Circle of the Eunuchs"

(You guys should really read your own scrips at the end of your
messages sometimes and see if your doing it yourselfs)

Goodnight, you have a nice name and I bet your pretty too.
Human Gus-Peter