1997-07-29 - Not a Logic-Newbie / Re: Queries from a Cyper-newbie?

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From: nobody@REPLAY.COM (Anonymous)
Date: Tue, 29 Jul 1997 10:49:34 +0800
To: cypherpunks@toad.com
Subject: Not a Logic-Newbie / Re: Queries from a Cyper-newbie?
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Chris Avery wrote:
> 3. I'll do the www.crypto.com thing, thanks for the pointer. This may be a critical
last stand on the privacy of communications issue. What gets me is the
blind arrogance
with which govt "servants" assume that their (even if legitimate)
pursuit of crime
somehow excuses or justifies diminishing privacy rights for everyone
  There must be some kind of ratio: 1,000,000 rights diminished for  1
activity detected?  Doesn't make sense.

  Don't worry about being a "Cypher-newbie" (even if you did spell it
wrong in the subject header). You can always learn the "numbers" and
the "terms," but at least you don't seem to fall into the category of
being a "Logic-newbie" or a "Common-sense-newbie," which is far from
uncommon in new (and some of the older) list members.
  As a matter of fact, I don't believe I've seen a post by any of the
cypherpunks list members which so simply points out that one of the
major reasons for the erosion of our civil rights is usurpment of
them by civil servants. In effect, the "servants" have armed themself
and taken over control of the manor from its owners--their "masters."

  "Legitimate needs" seem to have usurped "legitimate rights."
  All of a sudden, we are required, at gunpoint, to eat our meals only
at times which conveniently fit into the "servant's" schedule. Next,
we find out that the servants "don't do windows." Then we find out
that the servants need to sleep in the "big bedroom" because they
work so much harder than us, and that we have to sleep in the barn
because they need the servant's quarters for other "legitimate needs."
  The "tail" of government is wagging the "Bull Mastiff" of our
Constitutional rights and freedoms.

  Please continue to follow the cypherpunks list, as there is a decided
shortage of individuals left in society who are capable and willing to
understand the importance of true privacy, rights and freedom. There is
no disgrace in having been round-up and penned with the rest of the
sheeple, but it is a sad day, indeed, when we fail to keep an eye open
for a "gate" inadvertantly left open, so that we can graze on the open
range when circumstances permit.
{And if the gatekeeper happens to bend over in a position that places
his/her head close to your hooves...}