1997-10-28 - Re: Roby latest

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From: TruthMonger <tm@dev.null>
To: Jeff Barber <jeffb@issl.atl.hp.com>
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From: TruthMonger <tm@dev.null>
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 1997 04:44:42 +0800
To: Jeff Barber <jeffb@issl.atl.hp.com>
Subject: Re: Roby latest
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Jeff Barber wrote:
> See http://www.sj-r.com/roby.html for the latest.
> My favorite excerpt:
> > Illinois State Police feared that any progress in getting Allen - who's
> > suspected to suffer from paranoia, delusions and suicidal thoughts - to
> > exit on her own may have been undone. On Sunday, troopers broke out most
> > of the remaining windows in Allen's house, tossed nine pepper-spray
> > grenades inside and sent a police dog in to subdue Allen.

I used to run a 24-hour Drop-In Center which had trained volunteer
counsellors on staff around the clock.
I was checking on the night shift one time, and heard Alan, one of
the night counsellors, telling a paranoid schizophrenic (who had
come to the Center when the walls began closing in on him at 4 a.m.),
"I'm a Warlock, you know. I could kill you just by looking at you."

I always wondered what became of Alan. Anyone spot him at Roby Ridge?

> > Should similar circumstances arise again, police may try different
> > tactics to check Allen's health.
>              ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> Oh!  They were checking her health!  Of course.

Those pepper-spray grenades contained organically grown pepper, from
the "We're from the Government and We're Here to Help You, Inc."
company, located in the basement of the Pentagon.
>From the brochure: "...and a valuable aide in clearing up sinus