1997-10-30 - Want to see something REALLY scary?!!? / Was: World Peace! (of the action) / Was: Our Bum Buddies in Bejing / Was: Was: Kent Square and TiennaChinc State

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From: McTruthChinc <mtc@dev.null>
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From: McTruthChinc <mtc@dev.null>
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 1997 09:13:46 +0800
To: Vin_Suprynowicz@lvrj.com
Subject: Want to see something *REALLY* scary?!!? / Was: World Peace! (of the action) / Was: Our Bum Buddies in Bejing / Was: Was: Kent Square and TiennaChinc State
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Yoshiwara Remailer wrote:
> BillyJC, the sex criminal, picking up where RickyMN, the B&E artist,
> left off (trying to pry open the Chinese Market for American business),
> is badmouthing the Chinese over their version of Kent State.
> Our Ambassador to the Home of the Olange Menace (Led + Yarrow) is
> badmouthing the Chinese forced-labor camps, ignoring the US use of
> pigmentation criminals working for the Telecos and the Silicos 
> for dimes on the dollar of what they would have to pay non-prison
> labor.
> In private conferences, these world fuckers/leaders are undoubtedly
> sharing a monstrous laugh over their public rhetoric.
> BillyJ: "See, first we kick them off welfare. Then, after Sprint turns
>   down their job application and they turn to dealing drugs to feed
>   their children, we put them in prison. Then we sell their labor to
>   Sprint for a fraction of what their work is worth.
>   "Everyone wins! Except for the taxpayer....HAHAHAHAHA!"
> Bonus Question: "What do you call a fat Chink?"
> Bonus Answer: "A 'Chunk'!"
> RacistLibertarianMonger

Want to see something *REALLY* scary?!!?

A lady friend of mine was showing me today how to use my computer and
my VCR to edit/change the contents of audio/video recordings.
She took the American/Chinese news conference by Bad BillyC and A Chinc
To Be Spelled Correctly Later and transposed the words of BBC and his
guest, ACTBSCL onto the virtual lips of one another.

Watching our beloved PRES state, "The concept of freedom is relative..."
sent shivers down my spine. Why? Because it didn't seem in the least
out of joint with any of the other pronouncements from on high that have
come down from the mount upon which our elected 'usual suspects' stand
feeding at the public trough.

Now we know that "The best way to influence Chinese policy is to work
with them."
Worked pretty good with the Nazi's, didn't it? Working with the Nazis
certainly influenced American policy. (At least) Half of our Presidents
since the second World War have been elected thanks mostly to the 
backing of money made by doing business with those wonderfolks who
gave us the Holocaust.

BBC: "Don't you feel just a *little* bad about murdering those students
  at Kent Square...I mean, TiennaChinc State...I mean..."
ACTBSCL: "Nope."

BBC: "OK. Now that we've cleared that up, would you like to buy
  a bunch of our airplanes, and a pile of nuclear reactors after
  we rehabilitate your image a bit more?"

  At least the Israeli/Arab/Canadian foiled assassination, hostage
trading, forged passport debacle was humorous.
  All of the players stuck to the comedy script: "We emphatically
deny what everyone knows to be true. Duuhhh..."

  It was positively frightening to watch our beloved leader of the
freeh world sticking to his comedy lines, despite the fact that
A Chinc To Be Spelled Correctly Later continued to play the straight
man, refusing to do a pretentious song and dance for the American
public, such as our homegrown clowns are wont to do.

Tomorrow's News Today:
[Bienfait, Saskatchewan, CNN (Canadian Nutly News)] - Lying Jackoff
Fuck, Louis J. Freeh, told a double-secret government committee, in
a triple-secret meeting today at the CoalDust Saloon, that Federal
Law Enforcement Agencies would need the power to monitor all of the
activities and communications of every single citizen, in order to
protect them from the threat posed by the Communist Chinese selling
our nuclear technology to terrorists, after the mainstream media
has helped to rehabilitate A Chinc To Be Spelled Correctly Later
by showing pictures of him at DisneyWorld, kissing babies, so that
we can sell them hundreds of billions of dollars worth of nuclear
power plants which the US industry can't sell at home.

God Bress Amelica
"JIANG ZEMIN! _That's_ the name!"