1997-10-29 - Re: [cpx:709] Re: rescue Mrs Allen from the Feds (Re: Tim’s worst nightmare.,..)

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From: Yoshiwara Remailer <yr@dev.null>
To: Adam Back <aba@dcs.ex.ac.uk>
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UTC Datetime: 1997-10-29 23:26:40 UTC
Raw Date: Thu, 30 Oct 1997 07:26:40 +0800

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From: Yoshiwara Remailer <yr@dev.null>
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 1997 07:26:40 +0800
To: Adam Back <aba@dcs.ex.ac.uk>
Subject: Re: [cpx:709] Re: rescue Mrs Allen from the Feds (Re: Tim's worst nightmare.,..)
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Adam Back wrote:
> graycastle@ppw.net

> > > What is needed is several thousand well armed militia to go down there and
> > > send the JackBooted thugs packing. I am willing to donate my time to such
> > > a worthy cause.
> >
> > that is the type of answer that gets even more people killed.
> > what good is developing privacy software if you are going to march out
> > and invite uncle sam to put a bullet in you?
> A robin hood style hack would be preferable -- rescue Mrs Allen
> without killing any Feds, not that they might not deserve it, but it
> makes for better PR.

PR? Non-Violent?
How about bombing the former site of the Murrah Federal Building in
support of Ms. Roby of 1997?
How much clearer and non-life threatening (for now) can a message be?

Tim C. McVeigh
"'Pull it, Sir.' prize winner of Cell Block 709."