1997-11-11 - NoneGary Burnore, Paul Pomes, and the DataBasix Gang (was: Re: Remailer hating Nazis)

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From: nobody@REPLAY.COM (Anonymous)
Date: Wed, 12 Nov 1997 03:27:52 +0800
To: remailer-operators@anon.lcs.mit.edu
Subject: NoneGary Burnore, Paul Pomes, and the DataBasix Gang (was: Re: Remailer hating Nazis)
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nobody@REPLAY.COM (Anonymous) wrote:

> >I'm familiar with the role of Gary Burnore <gburnore@netcom.com> and that
> >of his DataBasix associates Belinda Bryan <eridani@ix.netcom.com> and Billy
> >McClatchie (aka "Wotan") <wmcclatc@primenet.com> in getting the Mailmasher
> >and Huge Cajones remailers shut down.  Jeff Burchell posted a public
> >expose' of their harassment to Usenet back in June, apparently catching the
> >DataBasix folks off-guard.  But what's the story with Paul Pomes?  What has
> >he done?
> Paul Pomes was complaining about Jeff Burchell's huge cajones remailer to Jeff
> Burchell's upstream and employers about the same time the rest of the Databasix
> gang was doing it.  Paul Pomes appears to be a part of the Databasix gang.

It's sort of ironic that these anti-privacy, anti-anonymity Nazi wannabes
complain about remailers which give their users privacy, then somehow expect that 
their own complaints will be kept hidden.  I rather syspect that Gary Burnore, 
Belinda Bryan, and Paul Pomes were rather shocked when Jeff Burchell decided to 
tell the whole story (unfortunately AFTER shutting down the Huge Cajones remailer).

Maybe the next time Gary, Linda, or Paul send a remailer operator a complaint,
the operator will know what to expect next.  I'm wondering if that's at least
part of what's behind the faux spam-baiting that's underway, with messages to
varios MMF, MLM, and alt.sex.* NGs whose title and body consist of randomly-
chosen words, followed by a list of bogus e-mail addresses in the body.  The
thing that's not so random is the high percentage of words that are related to
DataBasix, such as "DataBasix", "Burnore", and "Wotan".  I'm almost waiting for
Gary Burnore to give the remailer and mail2news operators a "helpful" suggestion
that they could curb most of this "abuse" by simply blocking any anonymous
posts containing any of those three keywords. <g>  Or perhaps he's done so and
politely been turned down.

Perhaps the next wave of attacks on remailers will not consist of attempts to
shut them down altogether but to progressively cripple them by getting certain
features disabled, one by one.  This seems to have already started.  The strategy
seems to be to fabricate a form of "abuse", anonymously through remailers, for
which the seemingly "logical" solution is to disable a certain feature.  This has
already proven successful with header pasting, for example.  Now you can't post
to Usenet and set the From: address to that of your own 'nym.  I'm not even
certain that you can set a Reply-To: address any more.  If the "camel" can get
his nose under the tent and convince operators to start filtering on the *CONTENT*
of the Subject: line or body of usenet posts, the anti-privacy nuts will have
scored a major victory.  In fact, from reading Jeff Burchell's posts, it looks like
Gary and his DataBasux-ers had initially convinced Jeff to do exactly that.  But,
in a symbolic victory for freedom of speech, he removed those filters for a week
before he finally shut down Huge Cajones altogether.
> >Perhaps the best thing that can be done with people like Burnore is to put
> >together an FAQ about their tactics, similar to what his "fans" have done
> >for the "Rev." Steve Winter.  Then when Burnore tries to stir up trouble by
> >first fabricating anonymous "abuse" and then demanding that it either be
> >stopped and the culprit(s) identified (knowing in advance that's
> >impossible), or else that the remailer be shut down, someone can forward
> >that FAQ to the remailer's upstream provider, or whoever is being pressured
> >to pull the plug.  And if Paul Pomes engages in the same dishonest tactics,
> >that needs to be done with him as well.
> Gary Burnore had a mongo page at http://www.netscum.net/burnorg0.html.
> So did Paul Pomes, Belinda Bryan, and the rest of the Databasix gang.
> Too bad it's down for now, but it'll be back.

It's already back, for the time being.  The new URL is:


I'll go look for Paul Pomes' page at that site.  Thanks for the tip!  Let's
see how long that site stays in operation before the self-styled "Thought
Police" attempt to shut it down.

Without censorship, things can get terribly confused in the public mind.

 -- General William Westmoreland