1997-11-07 - Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Monthly Newsletter

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Issue 1.4, November 1997


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Dear supporter in NSW,

Pauline Hanson's One Nation continues to grow an extraordinary rate.

There are now over 200 branches of the party nationwide - this just twenty
eight weeks after the April launch.

The interest in what we have to say and the level of our support is best
demonstrated by comparing the recent visits of National Senator Bill O'Chee
and Pauline Hanson to the traditional National heartland of Gympie in
central Queensland. At their respective dinners O'Chee managed to attract
just 12 people while Hanson attracted a full house of 400!

These are challenging times ahead for the party. With this explosive growth
and interest the Manly head office of One Nation has come under enormous
pressure with calls from the media, the growing need to manage the new
branches and a number of related teething problems.

Please be patient if you find delays in One Nation responding to an inquiry.
This is due to the workload being faced by the Manly office.


As you will have read Pauline Hanson's One Nation will contest the
Queensland state elections after an independent survey revealed that the
party had, conservatively, up to 27% support in certain electorates. 

If you know of someone who would make a good candidate please contact Manly
office on (02) 9976 0283 for application forms. Please note closing date for
nominations is December 1st.


There have been a number of One Nation press releases during October. These
can be viewed at:


Pauline Hanson's on-line Working Group:

There has been a tremendous response to the establishment of Pauline
Hanson's on-line Working Group and we thank those who have become involved
for their support.

If you would like to participate please email the following information for

Name, Contact details (address, phone, fax), membership number (this is a
pre-requisite) and branch (default is Manly).


Like any growing political organisation Pauline Hanson's One Nation needs
your financial support. Please help NOW if you are able... Their is an
on-line form that can be printed out and posted together with your donation at:


Let's get that donation-meter reading moving!

Pauline Hanson