1997-12-23 - Re: SPECIAL REPORT: Censorware in the Stacks (fwd)

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From: Jim Choate <ravage@ssz.com>
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From: Jim Choate <ravage@ssz.com>
Date: Tue, 23 Dec 1997 12:28:21 +0800
To: cypherpunks@ssz.com (Cypherpunks Distributed Remailer)
Subject: Re: SPECIAL REPORT: Censorware in the Stacks (fwd)
Message-ID: <199712230446.WAA22327@einstein.ssz.com>
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> Date: Mon, 22 Dec 1997 19:58:05 -0700
> From: Tim May <tcmay@got.net>
> Subject: Re: SPECIAL REPORT: Censorware in the Stacks (fwd)

> >Wrong, the LOC is for the people. It is there (originaly) to provide a
> >reference listing of all documents published and therefore claiming copyright.
> >Currently it is open to any legitimate research project. I have used it on a
> Any idea on what they define to be a "legitimate" research project?

Something related to a project you're working on is my guest guess. I had a
clear problem description and goal in mind both times I dealt with them. My
experience is that just about any research organization like that simply
wants some assurance of legitimacy regarding the use of resources in that
institution, they got a bottem line they have to toe. In my various diggings
I have *never* been turned away from any reference stack if I could provide
them with clear descriptions and goals. Then again, I don't go in raving and
ranting and making lot's of demands either...

The first time I had reference to them was when I worked for the DoD during
college ('80-'83 @ UT) when I had to do some research on a RTL project for
Capt. Gene Barton of the US Army. Not that he would necessarily know
anything about it. I made the requests for specific information through the
engineering library at UT and they contacted both LoC and the Patent Office
on prior art. I was designing a non-Von Neumann router from TTL random gates
and needed to see how some folks had resolved some similar addressing (very
sticky wicket that in regards RTL architectures) issue. The second time was
when I was working for Austron here in Austin doing time reference standards
(1210's, 2055's, 2000 & 5000 LORAN recievers - it you got one and it was
done by triangle-nine it's mine) and needed to do some reference requests
for one of the engineers (I unfortunately don't remember his name) into rf
propogation models in the 10kHz range because of some problem the US Navy
was having off Korea. Past that I don't know as there was some sort of
security issue involved.

Neither time did it take more than a couple of phone calls (numbers provided
for me) and some faxes. I also don't believe that anyone on the other end
know anything more about my projects other than the librarian on my end
saying something like "I have a user who wants to request ...".

YMMV of course.

> hate to travel 3000 miles to research the Holocaust Lie, only to be told
> that my research on how the Holocaust Lie was sold to support FDR and
> Truman is an _illegitimate_  research project.

You don't have to travel farther than your local public library. Now whether
the librarian wants to spend their time working on your project is a whole
'nother (personal) issue.

If you want to know more specifics I suggest you call information in DC and
ask for the main number. From there you're on your own. I'm working on a
small book proposal & ASL expansion pack regarding the Japanese parachute
invasion of Palembang on Feb. 14, 1942 and it's possible I may need to see
records there since the US Navy was part of the combined
British-Dutch-French-US command in that area. If so, I'll be shure to pass
along any experiences that I might have. I certainly hope to arrange an
actual trip to Palembang in a couple of years. But I digress...

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