1998-01-09 - Re: rant on the morality of confidentiality (fwd)

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From: Jim Choate <ravage@ssz.com>
To: cypherpunks@ssz.com (Cypherpunks Distributed Remailer)
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From: Jim Choate <ravage@ssz.com>
Date: Fri, 9 Jan 1998 14:42:09 +0800
To: cypherpunks@ssz.com (Cypherpunks Distributed Remailer)
Subject: Re: rant on the morality of confidentiality (fwd)
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> Date: Thu, 08 Jan 1998 22:06:38 -0800
> From: Blanc <blancw@cnw.com>
> Subject: Re: rant on the morality of confidentiality 

> BTW, you should consider that when Einstein proposed the creation of a
> bomb, it was within the context of a war being advanced globally by an evil
> madman who was gathering every resource to subdue and decimate everything
> in his way, and that the rest of the world was desperate for a solution.

Um, actualy Einstein didn't propose a bomb. I believe Leo Szilard approached
Einstein with a letter asking the President to begin an initiative. The
motivation was because most of the really worthwhile German physicists
working on the Nazi programs left the Nazi sphere. The fear was that since
Germany had the *only* supply of heavy water in the world and the only state
backed program in the field that if the US didn't do something they would
loose the bomb in a series of bright flashes. I also, don't believe the
war had actualy started when Einstein was approaced by Leo on Aug. 2, 1939.

> Also you should remember that some brilliant people, like Newton, who was a
> shy man and didn't necessarily see himself as others did/do, did not care
> if anyone else saw the results of his work.

He certainly went to great pains to publish it, even anonymously in some
cases and out of his own pocket.

> Once he had solved the
> problems in his own mind, he was not exceptionally concerned that others
> were also struggling with the same, nor whether "the community" needed the
> answer.   He was pursuing knowledge for reasons of his own. 

He pursued knowledge for deep religous reasons, according to his notes.
Newton was also the Exchequer of England and had 3 peopled hanged for
stealing gold from the government mint. He took the job because he had pissed
so many people off at the time because of his attitude that he couldn't find
work. It was prior to him becoming know as the 'Lion of England' and gaining
life tenure.

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