1998-01-18 - Re: Signed document - a thought…

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From: Adam Back <aba@dcs.ex.ac.uk>
To: ravage@ssz.com
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UTC Datetime: 1998-01-18 22:16:28 UTC
Raw Date: Mon, 19 Jan 1998 06:16:28 +0800

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From: Adam Back <aba@dcs.ex.ac.uk>
Date: Mon, 19 Jan 1998 06:16:28 +0800
To: ravage@ssz.com
Subject: Re: Signed document - a thought...
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Sounds like you are describing something which is a variant of an
interlock protocol.  The idea of an interlock protocol is that you
send out first a hash of what you are intending to publish.

The MITM has a problem in deciding what to publish, because they have
to publish _a_ hash, but they don't know what it should be of.