1998-01-08 - 1998 - the year we must make a stand.

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Subject: 1998 - the year we must make a stand.
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Dear One Nation Supporter in New South Wales,

As Australia moves towards the year 2000 we Australians move into a critical
stage of our history.

A stage which is the culmination of years of deception by the Labor and
Coalition parties leading to the undermining of our democracy.

With a Federal Election in the wind 1998 provides a chance for Australians
to rectify the wrongs of the past. Voting for the major parties will provide
no solutions - only more of the same. However, expect the major parties to
claim that voting for Pauline Hanson's One Nation will be a wasted vote.

They are wrong - tell your friends and make a stand for your children's
future by voting for Pauline Hanson's One Nation.

I am going to cite just one example of many on how you, as an Australian
voter, are being misled by the mainstream political parties. In a word the
subject is 'MAI' an international agreement to which Australia will be a
signatory. MAI is being debated more and more on the Internet through the
World Wide Web.

Here are some web site links on the subject. Please take the time to visit
these sites because they demonstrate how the transnational companies,
through MAI (the multilateral agreement on investment), are bargaining away
your future with senior Canberra-based bureaucrats.

1) ABC interview - full transcript:
Extract: 'Sadly there's no catch title for this trade deal. It's called the
Multilateral Agreement on Investment, or MAI. But what it promises holds
more drama. It aims to grant multinational corporations unprecedented powers
over governments. And it's not getting many good reviews.'


'In effect, the MAI is a bill of rights for international giants like Shell,
Lockheed, Du Pont, and Arthur Andersen. It prevents governments asking more
of those multinationals than they ask of their own domestic companies. And
any laws that discriminate in favour of locals, such as Australian media
ownership laws, don't fit.'

2) MAI Information Centre (Canada):
Extract: 'It incorporates a powerful dispute resolution system which would
allow any investor to sue the government of its host nation if it considers
laws or regulations to be discriminatory and detrimental to immediate or
projected profits. The Agreement would therefore disable regional
development and national measures to protect the well-being of people,
create employment, safeguard small business, conserve resources and protect
the environment. Once signed, the MAI cannot be denounced for five years.
Investments under the MAI would remain protected for a further fifteen years.'

The MAI debate is being discussed openly in Canada and New Zealand while in
Australia we are being closeted from this debate by the duopoly which runs
this country's media.

It is a very real issue. An issue that the major parties refuse to bring out
into the open. An issue, amongst many, many others that Pauline Hanson's One
Nation is trying to expose. BUT we cannot do that without your support.

Your vote and those of your friends will be critical to ensure that issues
such as MAI are heard, are questioned, can be rejected by you and I - the
Australian people. Clearly the major political parties have failed in
drawing issues like this out into the public arena for discussion.

Pauline Hanson

PS. If you are able to help with donations to help us fund our candidates in
state and federal elections this year please visit: