1998-02-05 - Re: Changing to Moderated Cypherpunks – How?

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From: sunder <sunder@brainlink.com>
To: “James F. Marshall” <marshall@ibm.net>
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UTC Datetime: 1998-02-05 16:53:33 UTC
Raw Date: Fri, 6 Feb 1998 00:53:33 +0800

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From: sunder <sunder@brainlink.com>
Date: Fri, 6 Feb 1998 00:53:33 +0800
To: "James F. Marshall" <marshall@ibm.net>
Subject: Re: Changing to Moderated Cypherpunks -- How?
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James F. Marshall wrote:
> Too much noise in the unedited list.
> How does one change to the moderated list?

Hi there, as requested, here's some info about the filtered cypherpunks
list which I run (by hand with the help of a couple of mailbots)

This list is NOW running from: sunder@sundernet.com
GZIPped versions of the digests are available from:


Basically, I use the 'bots to keep the list of recipients, then forward
any message to this list of usernames which I find interesting, and
usually noise-free... 

Since, I do this by hand, AND since there is no majordomo mailing list
software, and since I get a lot of mail, it's a good idea to make sure the
subject of any messages you send to me stand out.  i.e. make the subject
    "***000 Personal junk mail for the human, not the bots ***"

(The 0's are there to make sure that when Pine sorts the messages on this 
side, they come up on top, making sure I'll see them immediatly.)

There is no automated filtering of any sort...   Whatever message I find 
to be interesting, news-worthy, or technical (theoretical crypto, actual 
code, etc) gets handed over to the bots, which send it to this list.

If you use some sort of filtering program to move messages to a folder, 
look for the string "FCPUNX:" (without quotes) in the subject field.
There will usually be a propagation delay of one day to a week days -
sometimes as long as two weeks between the messages on the actual
cypherpunks list, and this filtered one.  This is because I may not always
get the chance to log in every day, and also because I may have to wade
through tons of noise/spam/flames from the real list. :-)

Occasionally, if I see something interesting from another list (such as
Cyber Rights, coderpunks, etc) I will forward it here if I feel that it
pertains to Cypherpunk interests, or that you'd like to see it. 

You should unsubscribe yourself from the real list by sending an
"unsubscribe cypherpunks" message to majordomo@toad.com - that is send a
message with no subject and just that single line - no signature either,
so as to unsubscribe.  - Unless you wish to continue to receive messages
from the real list as well as copies of those messages from here. :-)

All filtering is again according to my whims so if you dislike what I 
send you, sorry.  I might eventually work something out where this list 
will be broken up into many tiny lists so you'd subscribe to whatever 
subjects you're interested in.

This is a free service, no strings attached, just tons o'mail, but less 
mail than the unfiltered list...

Also note that the bots I run may sometimes be slightly buggy and may do 
unexpected weird things.  Appologies in advance if this happens.  But 
please by all means do report any such runaway bot occurances.

If you wish to unsubscribe yourself from this list, just send a message 
with the subject "unsubscribe fcpunx" (no quotes) and the next time I log 
in, one of the bots will handle the ubsubscribe.

You can re-subscribe yourself as many times as you like, you'll only get
one copy of each message, but as many copies of the request response as
you've sent.The 'bots hone in on your address and send mail only there, so
subscribe yourself from whatever account you want to receive mail. 

If by accident you subscribe from two different machines, the bots won't 
know the difference and you'll get two copies of each filtered message, 
so be careful.

This also means that you can only unsubscribe yourself from the same
address you subscribed from.

To get help, send a message with the subject "help fcpunx."

To subscribe yourself (if you see this, you are subscribed) send a 
message with the *SUBJECT* "subscribe fcpunx"


The bots only look at your message's subject and your mailing address so 
it doesn't matter what you put in the body.

Whenever the 'bots honor a request from you, you'll see a response mailed 
from them (under my name.)

Since the bots are only active when I log in and run them by hand, the 
message acknowledging your request may take several days to get to you.

(text) of the message are ignored.

Commands available:

 subscribe fcpunx           - subscribes you to the list and you are 
                              visible to fcpunx who requests
 subscribe invisible fcpunx - subscribe but don't let others know

 digest fcpunx              - receive the digest version (visibly)
 digest invisible fcpunx    - receive the digest invisibly

 unsubscribe fcpunx         - unsubscribe from the list or digest
 undigest fcpunx

 who fcpunx                 - receive a list of (visible) subscribed users
                                * THIS IS DISABLED CURRENTLY FOR PRIVACY
                                  PROTECTIONS OF THE SUBSCRIBERS ON THIS LIST *

 help fcpunx                - sends a help file (you're looking at it)

If you're already subscribed to the list and want to switch to the digest 
version, you can do this by sending a digest fcpunx message; the reverse 
is also true.  Notice that you cannot subscribe to both the digest and 
the list.  Sorry.  If you'd like that feature either use two different 
accounts to receive them, or complain to me and I'll add it in.

The unsubscribe and undigest commands do the same thing, they take you 
off the list no matter which version you're subscribed to.


        I do not claim any responsability for the content, fitness to a purpose
        or usefulness of any of the messages forwarded to, archived to, or
        on this web site.  The responsability of these messages lies solely on
        the shoulders of their respective authors.

        No attempt is made at censoring this information for or from a legal
        standpoint.  This information is relayed to you as an expression of
        the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of
        Certain restrictions may apply depending on your locale, the political
        nature of your respective governments, etc.  Any copyrighted
        forwarded by this filtering service is the property of its owners
        creators.  The original senders of these messages are responsible for
        their content, etc.  This filtering services disclaims all such

        Should you take offense to any of the messages forwarded by this
        take it up with the original posters of the messages.  You may also
        unsubscribe from this service.  Subscription to this filtering services
        means acceptance to these terms and disclaimers.

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