1998-02-20 - FWD: Confirmations of Echelon (from Spy King)

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From: sunder <sunder@brainlink.com>
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From: sunder <sunder@brainlink.com>
Date: Sat, 21 Feb 1998 00:12:34 +0800
To: cypherpunks@cyberpass.net
Subject: FWD: Confirmations of Echelon (from Spy King)
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4)From: mkw-detective@t-online.de (MK-Wirtschaftsdienst GmbH)
Subject: NSA spying in Europe

The german online-magaine "Com!" (author: ulrike.duhm@t-online.de)
brought an article about the report of the european parliament.

Here a summary:

The european parliament reported, that the american secret service NSA
is monitoring emails, phonecalls and faxes. The informations are
forwarded from London and Menwith Hill via satellite to Fort Meade in
Maryland. Menwith Hill in Yorkshire, England, is the biggest spy post of
the world, that for the NSA collects political, economical, military and
private informations from europe and the former Sowjetunion.

The 48 year old Glyn Ford, member of the Labour-Party is behind this
report. Author of the 100 page document is Steve Wright of the
Manchester Omega foundation. The complete report can be found under:

For the first time, the european parliament confirmed the existence of
the spy network Echelon, the american part of the spysystem UKUSA.
1948, the USA, England, Canada, Australia and New Zeeland signed a
secret contract, the so called "United Kingdom - United States
Agreement" (UKUSA). Goal of it is the collective espionage. Via an
international ring of agents, the partners are exchanging informations.

The german hackers "Chaos Computer Club" (www.ccc.de) thinks, that the
european eMail-user is trapped in a net of foreign forces. They are
concerned, that the newest versions of the encryption software PGP are
in part not compatible with older versions. The result: The exchange
between different versions is not possible. For the computer club, that
is no coincidence: the hackers from Hamburg, Germany,  believe, that a
contract between USA and Germany exists, that Germany is not allowed to
use a software, that the NSA cannot look in."

So far some excerpts out of the article.  Here some homepages:

Glyn Ford:                   www.zen.co.uk/home/page/glyn.ford/index.htm

NSA:                          www.nsa.gov:8080

european parliament:    www.europarl.eu.int

Heise newsticker:

spy post Menwith Hill: www.fas.org/irp/facility/menwith.htm

Electronic telegraph:

Greetings from Germany
Rolf G. Wilmink
MK-W Security and Investigations
Member: BID, NAIS, WAD

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