1998-05-01 - Netcenter News - Volume 6 - April 1998

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Title: Netscape Netcenter News - April 1998

Welcome to Netcenter
Netcenter is dedicated to the proposition that you should be able to find everything you need online in one place. This newsletter is one of the free benefits you receive when registering with a Netcenter program.

Each month we'll link to a survey for Netcenter members. Check back the following month to see the results. This month's survey is Attention Small-Business Users. Netcenter will be launching a small-business site for you. Tell us what you'd like to see there.

Is the travel agent industry becoming extinct? Are the best bargains on the Net? The next Professional Connections Event Series features interviews with experts in the exploding field of online travel. Visit Professional Connections, and join the discussion.

Do you still experience the web in two dimensions? Download the free Netscape Communicator 4.05 with the Cosmo Player plug-in for a new 3D experience.



We've found a utility at Netscape Software Depot by software.net, for a special price, that lets you view hundreds of file types in Netscape Navigator! Inso's Quick View Plus has won awards from PC Computing and PC Magazine.  Download your copy today!


This issue of Netcenter News is brought to you by In-Box Direct.


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Business Journal gives you news and business information the way you think, work, and conduct business. It's powerful. Spend ten minutes a day with us, and imagine what you can accomplish with this kind of intelligence at your fingertips.

Business Journal is your one-stop knowledge management tool.

Have you seen In-Box Direct's Personal Finance section? While you're there, sharpen your investment skills with a free subscription to such publications as Armchair Millionaire News, CBS MarketWatch NewsWatch, and CNNfn Market Briefing.

Talk about the latest web trends in Professional Connections, Netcenter's online discussion forums. Then stop by Member Directory to reach other professionals with interests similar to yours.

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