1998-05-28 - [OWC] Orangemen Wrestling Commision [ handbook v. 1 ]

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From: KevB428@aol.com
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Subject: [OWC] Orangemen Wrestling Commision [ handbook v. 1 ]
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  Kevin Riley Productions Presents
  /\\         //|
 /               \     \      /          /_____|
 |    ||     |      \/\/         //
 |    |___|     |                   /  \
 \               /\        _       /     |
  \_______/   \___/  \___/ \_______|
 Orangmen Wrestling Commission
 Frequently Asked Questions v.1.0

Table of Contents
   A. Foreward
   B. Cards & Titles
   C. Rules
   D. Roleplaying Tips
   E. Application
   F. Staff


A. Foreward

            Hello folks, I'm Kevin Riley, and I'm making my _last_ attempt at
making a federation great.   This is make-it or break-it time for me, and I
really am determined
to bring this federation into the bigtime.

            The OWC stands for Orangemen Wrestling Commision, which is a
regional federation (similiar to MVW, and also a friend of that fed) that is
run out of none other
than Syracuse, New York.   It will not be having cards in Madision Square
Garden, as it will start off slow, like most independants, and hopefully work
its way up.   This fed
will actually start off holding their cards in a local nightclub in Syracuse
that we all
know as the Rave, which seats about three hundred people.

            This federation will be run by Carson Bordon, the current OWC
He and Riley got a huge loan from a bank in Albany, New York, and now have
their last attempt at making a major federation.  The recruiting has started,
and calls
have been made, contracts sent.   So, are you ready to join the OWC and face
some of the toughest, and newest competition that you've ever seen?  If so,

B. Cards & Titles

The New York State Heavyweight Championship - This is definitly the big one.
The top dawg will be the man holding this title and it will definitly be a
title that a lot of
people will be contender for.   This title shall be defended every two weeks.

The Syracuse Heavyweight Championship - This is the secondary title, and we'll
also be heavily competed for.  This is for the people not quite ready to make
it onto the
world title scene yet.   This title will also be defended once every two

Warriors of Syracuse Wrestling - This is the card that will be held once a
week, on
Sunday nights.   There should be around three to four matches on each card and
as the fed expands, the amount of matches will as well.  There will also be
special appearances, and everything that you'd come to expect from a normal
wrestling television show!  It will take place in the Rave, a local Syracuse
night club that holds up to three hundred people total.

The first card will be presented to you on the twenty first of June.  It will
feature more matches than the normal card, and will attempt to get _every_
single wrestler in the
federation, somehow participating in a match or something of some sort.  It
will be a sort of supercard, but will be on Sunday, and called, the Warriors
of Syracuse wrestling, like the normal weekly show.

C. Rules

I will accept a maxium of two roleplays a week and one in-ring.   To start the
OWC off, we'll be going with the one card a week format, if we get pushed to
two cards a
week, then it will be two in-rings, one for each card.  Please be reminded,
that this
plan of roleplays is tentative, and could be changed.

Strats will play a huge role in setting up angles, and will also count towards
your matches and my decisions as to who wins or not.

Some wrestlers, specifically heels, are particulary good at drawing heat, and
themselves known quicker than others.  That will also help out your chances.

This is a perfect time to repeat that phrase that we all know, quality not

D. Roleplaying Tips

* Content

     The content of one's roleplay is not the length the roleplay but the one
or many message(s) that the roleplay gets across in that length.  Content is
by far the most important part of a roleplay, and must be looked upon as
essential.  A roleplay without any content is just jabber and jargon thrown
into a file.  You must always have some sort of content in your roleplays.
     When you begin a roleplay, you must set a goal for amount of content you
want to cover during the course of your OWC roleplay.  Tell yourself what, in
a brief rundown, that you want to tell everybody in this roleplay of yours.
If you want to tell the whole OWC that you are here to stay and to pledge your
allegiance to the OWC, then remember that fact while you are writing your
roleplay.  Never write a roleplay with out any topics to write about.
     If you want to know if your roleplay has any content, then read it over
and ask yourself what the message you got across was.  If you can't answer
that question in a breif sentance or two, then the chances are, you have no
body and content to your roleplay and you need to start over and try again.
     The more topics you have to discuss, the better.  You can never have
enough content.  If you have enough topics to write 5 pages or so, then so be
it and go though with it.  Also, you should learn to elaborate on your topics
and make them into a 'big deal'.  If your topic is "I want to challenge Klonis
to a match" then ask yourself all the possible questions to stimulate ideas!
Ask yourself why you want to wrestle Klonis.  Ask yourself how good of a
chance you have at defeating Klonis.  Ask yourself what type of match you want
to challenge Klonis to.  Ask youself when you want to wrestle Klonis!  The
possibilities are endless, people!  Cover every area and aspect you can!
     Sometimes when I'm going to write a roleplay, it helps me to make a breif
listing of the different things I want to cover during the course of the
roleplay in chronological order.  I then procede to turn the breif sentances
into dialouge and description and under normal circumstances I come out with a
somewhat decent roleplay that has both a point and a decent amount of
reasoning behind it.  It makes sense, people.
     The main thing you have to remember, though, when writing your roleplay
... is that you must develop your character.  Get a good idea of what your
character's all about by re-reading your application to the OWC, and then put
that all across in the roleplay.  If you're wrestler is a happy goofball, then
play him as a happy goofball and don't have him take matches or wins and
losses too seriuosly.  If you wrestler is a hard-nosed technical wrestler
obsessed with winning, then have him take things seriously and be quite angry
when he loses.  It's all about character development and if you don't have any
idea how your character should act, then it's probably time to create a new

* Length

     Length certainly isn't the most important part of your roleplay, but it
is something that you must seriously consider if you're a newbie.  You're
roleplay MUST be at least a k or two to get anything across, in my opinion.
Although it is hard to find the happy medium between too long and too short,
you'll get there if you follow these steps!
     First of all, don't wear your topic down so much that nobody is going to
be interested in reading it anymore.  Cover what you need but don't exasperate
the subject.  Nobody wants to read a roleplay that's 20k and has no plot!
Once you stop having fun writing your roleplay it's probably finished.
     But also, you must not send in a roleplay that is 3 lines long or even a
paragraph long.  In the OWC, everytime you send in a roleplay that is 5 or
less lines, that's pretty much an automatic loss.  Make your roleplay to the
point but long enough so it'll take a few minutes to read and leave the reader
with a good taste in their mouth and a good idea what your character is about.
Touch base with the subject quite a bit and make it long enough.

* Detail

     The next thing that you newbies must learn is that you must always create
a beginning and a conclusion in your roleplays!  At the beginning of your
roleplay, you must _always_ give a breif description of your wrestler's
setting and describe that wrestler.  A setting description tells the who,
what, where, when and why of the roleplay.  A beginning is also put inside
action bars which are () or [] or :: :: or {}.  In a beginning, you should
describe what the character is wearing, what his mood is like, where his is,
what he's doing there, ect.  For example, read the next paragraph which is one
of my less recent descriptions and was written when I was a newbie to e-
wrestling.  Most should be about this length and decency.  Maybe better.
     [The screen fades in to Klonis.  He's sitting in a dark living room
rocking back and forth on an easychair.  He's wearing his street clothes which
consist of a pair of faded denimn jeans, a black tank top, and a nike
headband.  His black hair is slicked back and his eyes are squinted and
feirce.  The only illumination in the room is cast by a fireplace with the
embers slowly dying out.  The cameraman gives him a closup as signals to come
over to him.]
     Also, you must remember to add a conclusion.  The conclusion is more of
the same except it would say things like, Klonis is fading out, ect.  Be
careful not to make these too drab.  It can get tricky to think up the setting
some times.  <hint: the setting could have something to do with the content.>
     Another thing, is that you must watch the spelling in your roleplay and
try to word things as efficiently and as nicely as possible.  Go through the
document numerous times to make sure you did not make any foolish spelling
mistakes, make sure you add two spaces after a period, you inserted commas
where needed, you did not have any fragments or run-ons.  Don't make yourself
look foolish by saying stuff like this:
     (Wrtler): "im cmin to getg you cuz of what you ded to me that tyme when u
did dat thing.."

E. Application

IMPORTANT NOTE:  This federation is taking a new approach.  We will prefer
that you all bring in _new_ characters that you've never before used.  That
way reputations and egos will not be as much of a problem.  This is not
mandatory, but I prefer it.

 * Your Name: (optional)
 * Your Age: (optional)
 * Your E-Mail Address:
 * Your IRC Nickname:

 * Wrestler's Name:
 * Age:
 * Hometown:
 * Hair Color:
 * Eye Color:

 * Height: (between 5'5" - 7'0")
 * Weight: (between 200 - 500)
 * Build: (stocky, muscular, trim, ect.)

 * Manager or Valet's Name: (optional)
 * Describe Manager or Valet: (optional)

 * Please describe your wrestler's ring style:  (anything from technician to
lucha to powerful, ect.)

 * Please describe your wrestler's gimmick/attitude/personality as much
  as you can:

 * Please give us a little background on your wrestler (perhaps a made-up
  history-- we just want to get a good idea of who your character is):

 * Entrance Music (please use an actual song, I don't want to see "The
  Giant's WCW Music"):

 * Describe your wrestler's entrance to the ring (does he have fireworks,
  special lights, anything he does before he gets to the ring... if you
  are creating a tag team, skip this category and fill out Tag Team
  Entrance on the Tag Team sheet instead):

 * Describe your wrestler's physical appearance (please be as descriptive
  as possible!):

 * Describe your wrestler's ring attire (again, please be descriptive!):

 * Taunts (does your wrestler do any taunts or celebrations to his opponent
during the course of the matchup?  If so, mark his celebrations here!)

 * What is the name of your wrestler's finisher?
 * What is the real name of the move?

 * List 10 - 15 moves your wrestler performs:

F. Staff

Fictional Staff:

PRESIDENT - Carson Bordon
RING ANNOUNCER - Michael Morgan
SENIOR REFEREE - Christopher Burk
TIMEKEEPER - Otto Jeckel


PRESIDENT - Kevin Riley
ASSISTANT BOOKER - Rick Baptist (Also a promoter, recruiter, pay per view
PAY PER VIEW WRITER -  Andru Edwards
ASSISTANT -  Anthony Brigano  (promoter, recruiter, and will keep rankings for
the wrestlers and annals, which is a list of results for every card)

[NOTE:  If you can help in any of these spots, _please_ tell me.  To keep this
federation great, I'm going to need all the help I can get, this is _very_

Special thanks to Anthony Brigano for
helping me make this handbook, and
helping make the macros, and well,
helping recruiting!
OWC, Orangemen Wrestling Commission
Max Femmia, Nathan Liotta, Carson Bordon
and all related names, characters and their
likenesses are copyright and trademark
Kevin Riley Productions (KRP) 1998.