1998-05-24 - (no subject)Re: Unix O/S

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From: nobody@REPLAY.COM (Anonymous)
To: StanSqncrs <StanSqncrs@aol.com>
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UTC Datetime: 1998-05-24 09:35:14 UTC
Raw Date: Sun, 24 May 1998 02:35:14 -0700 (PDT)

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From: nobody@REPLAY.COM (Anonymous)
Date: Sun, 24 May 1998 02:35:14 -0700 (PDT)
To: StanSqncrs <StanSqncrs@aol.com>
Subject: (no subject)Re: Unix O/S
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StanSqncrs wrote:
> In a message dated 5/22/98 10:29:27 AM Central Daylight Time,
> nobody@REPLAY.COM writes:
> << I'm starting a petition for less wasted bandwidth in cypherpunks. >>
> You would.
> << To show your support, just respond to this thread. >>
> Oh, so there's no way we can show if we don't support your idea.  You create
> what we call an un-level playing field.
> BUT, in this case, I think there's a simple way that you can have it so
> there's less wasted bandwidth here.  Ban anonomous posting.  ;-)
> Stan

   this is a petition. Unlike playing fields, petitions usually only
have one side, so your complaint is invalid.

Your new proposal merits inclusion, however. All those in favour of
banning anonymous posting can show their support by 
responding to the thread via an anonymous remailer.