1998-08-03 - Data Fellows introduces F-Secure NameSurfer version 2.0

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From: Nina Huupponen <Nina.Huupponen@DataFellows.com>
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From: Nina Huupponen <Nina.Huupponen@DataFellows.com>
Date: Mon, 3 Aug 1998 05:50:11 -0700 (PDT)
To: F-Secure-Press-Global@DataFellows.com
Subject: Data Fellows introduces F-Secure NameSurfer version 2.0
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For immediate release
3 August 1998


Helsinki, Finland, August 3rd, 1998 -- Data Fellows, the global leader in
Internet security solutions, has today announced F-Secure Namesurfer 2.0, a
new version of its DNS (Domain Name System) management tool.  

DNS translates host names to IP addresses, which makes it a critical
component of IP-based networks. F-Secure NameSurfer provides network
managers with an easy-to-use Web interface for DNS administration, saving
time and maintenance resources. Its intuitive graphical user interface and
automatic error checking prevent network managers from generating faulty
DNS data. Faulty DNS data can bring down an entire IP network, so accurate
DNS data is essential for reliable and secure intranets and Internet. 

F-Secure NameSurfer 2.0 has been extensively restructured to achieve
peerless performance, especially in large DNS installations. 

The new version can prevent a network manager from creating records with IP
addresses that fall outside his own network. Thus, ISPs can grant their
customers permission to change addresses, with the assurance that customers
will stay within their own network zone.

F-Secure NameSurfer provides significant savings in network management. The
intuitive interface reduces the time needed to create DNS configurations.
The configurations can be done remotely and by several network managers
with personal administration rights. Routine tasks can be delegated to
clerical staff. Ultimately, even end-users and ISP customers can manage
their own DNS data, using a Web browser. 

Prime target customers for F-Secure Name Surfer are telecommunication
operators, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), and other organizations that
need the best tool in the market to manage Internet or intranet security.
NameSurfer users include ISPs (such as US WEST !NTERACT, Concentric Network
Corp., and FUNET - the Finnish University and Research Network), and
international corporations (such as Barclays Bank PLC, Motorola, and

F-Secure NameSurfer 2.0 will be available from Data Fellows' resellers
around the world in September 1998. The product will be available for all
popular UNIX platforms. Pricing will start at $990. 

About Data Fellows 

Data Fellows is one of the world's leading developers of data security
software. The company's ground-breaking F-Secure products provide a unique
combination of globally available strong encryption and revolutionary
anti-virus software. The integrated F-Secure software family provides
complete security solutions for enterprises of any size. It includes file
encryption and IPsec communication encryption products, VPN gateways,
SSH-based secure remote management software, easy-to-use solutions for
distributed DNS management, and a full range of anti-virus products for
workstations, servers and gateways.

Data Fellows is the developer of the award-winning F-PROT Professional
anti-virus product, whose scanning engine is an integral part of the
multiple engine structure of F-Secure Anti-Virus.

Data Fellows has offices in San Jose, California, and Helsinki, Finland. It
maintains a worldwide network of technical support, training and
distribution in over 80 countries. 

Since the company was founded in 1988, its annual net sales growth has
consistently been over 80%. Data Fellows belongs to an elite group of
companies with a triple-A rating from Dun & Bradstreet. The company is
privately owned. 

For further information, please contact:  


Data Fellows Inc. 
Mr. Pirkka Palomaki, Product Manager 
Tel. +1 408 938 6700  
Fax +1 408 938 6701 
E-mail: Pirkka.Palomaki@DataFellows.com


Data Fellows Oy 
Mr. Jukka Kotovirta, Director of Sales 
PL 24 
FIN-02231 ESPOO 
Tel. +358 9 859 900 
Fax +358 9 8599 0599 
E-mail: Jukka.Kotovirta@DataFellows.com