1998-08-24 - RE: Pipe

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From: “Brown, R Ken” <brownrk1@texaco.com>
To: “‘Rabid Wombat’” <wombat@mcfeely.bsfs.org>
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UTC Datetime: 1998-08-24 12:50:37 UTC
Raw Date: Mon, 24 Aug 1998 05:50:37 -0700 (PDT)

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From: "Brown, R Ken" <brownrk1@texaco.com>
Date: Mon, 24 Aug 1998 05:50:37 -0700 (PDT)
To: "'Rabid Wombat'" <wombat@mcfeely.bsfs.org>
Subject: RE: Pipe
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> Rabid Wombat[SMTP:wombat@mcfeely.bsfs.org]
kindly shared his pipe bomb filler mix with us

I can't help noticing the 1:1 ratio of crystallised 
glucose-alpha-2-fructose  to finely ground
 _Triticum_aestivum_  endosperm.

This may be evidence that North Americans do, indeed, 
have  a sweet tooth.