1998-09-16 - Re: Larry Gilbert, AOLers, and the Hyper-real flamer

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From: Sunder <sunder@brainlink.com>
To: AIMSX@aol.com
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UTC Datetime: 1998-09-16 04:08:40 UTC
Raw Date: Wed, 16 Sep 1998 12:08:40 +0800

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From: Sunder <sunder@brainlink.com>
Date: Wed, 16 Sep 1998 12:08:40 +0800
To: AIMSX@aol.com
Subject: Re: Larry Gilbert, AOLers, and the Hyper-real flamer
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AIMSX@aol.com wrote:
> Actually.. I am getting a SunOS Shell account this weekend.  AOL has improved
> service somewhat, and it is now possible to use Netscape (or any other
> browser) along with it.

Okay, so you're getting a shell account, good for you.
> I also have over 100 accounts on a local ISP - so trust me... it's not that
> big of a deal for me to get another ISP, I just like some of the keywords and
> a few other areas.

Something smells vaguely like rotten tuna, you already have 100 accounts on a
local ISP. Why does anyone need more than one account on any ISP?  That being
the case, why do you need another account for on a SunOS box?

If the ISP is >>>>LOCAL<<<< to you, why do you need to dial AOL to use all the
32 bit TCP/IP protocols?  Why not dial up to the ISP and use PPP? Why do you
need to post from AOL when you can post from one of your over 100 ISP accounts?
> As for your thought that it is a CHOICE for everyone... well, I am sorry to
> say it is not.  My parent would rather use the [semi]- user-friendly software
> of AOL, which she is familiar with, than have a dialup access with browsers
> and other utilities in different areas she can't find as easily.  (I know, it
> sounds stupid.)

Damn straight it's stupid, but not your mom: So fucking which is it?  Either
you have a hundred (and now 101) accounts on local ISP's >OR< you're forced to
use AOL by your clueless mom.
> getting a shell account, and not all AOLers are stupid warez lovers that don't
> know cu from cd.

> I am sure there are morons on other ISP's, they are just more visible on AOL.

That's obvious.  Some of them have over 100 accounts on the same ISP, and are
truly so full of shit, that they're swimming in it.  Kid, by bullshiting, all
you're doing is enforcing the view that AOL users are really AOLusers.


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