1998-12-23 - Re: I must admit. . .

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From: Bill Stewart <bill.stewart@pobox.com>
To: Petro <howree@cable.navy.mil>
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UTC Datetime: 1998-12-23 23:56:01 UTC
Raw Date: Thu, 24 Dec 1998 07:56:01 +0800

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From: Bill Stewart <bill.stewart@pobox.com>
Date: Thu, 24 Dec 1998 07:56:01 +0800
To: Petro <howree@cable.navy.mil>
Subject: Re: I must admit. . .
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At 04:41 PM 12/22/98 -0500, Petro wrote:
>If ANTHRAX recipes are so easily obtainable, if it is so easy to make, so
>easy to disseminate, and public knowledge to boot, POST IT HERE, POST IT
>24 hour time limit, IF IT IS EASY, You shouldn't have any trouble making
>the deadline now should you? And none of that "I don't want to give away

Well, depending on time zones, I may have just missed your deadline,
but it's pretty close.  It shouldn't be that tough to do - 
get some anthrax*, and go find a flock of sheep and ask for volunteers 
willing to help their country.  Any that don't run away fast enough
will do, so herd them into pens where you can manage them.
Give them some skin cuts and dust them with your starter supply.
When they get infected enough and die, collect the pus from the wounds
and handle it carefully, preferably with gas masks and rubber gloves.
Now that you've replenished your starter supply, deposit the used sheep on the 
Pentagon's front step, light some black candles, ring the doorbell, and run.

Alternatively, if you don't like killing poor cute mammals that are
even dumber than Democrats, you can grow the stuff in Petri dishes.

More seriously, though, anthrax isn't some exotic hard-to-grow disease;
before modern sanitation and plastic brush bristles, there were at least 
occasional problems with anthrax infection in shaving brushes and
hairbrushes made with bristles from infected pigs, and training for barbers
included sterilizing brushes to prevent it.  The trick is in making sure
you don't get infected yourself, and also in manufacturing it in
military quantities and militarily-convenient delivery systems.
If all you're trying to do is smuggle it into the Pentagon cafeteria
or the Yankee Stadium hot dog stands, rather than take out a whole city
like government-employed terrorists do, it's not that tough.

A more appropriate distribution approach would be for a US-based Iraqi
to fire a Stinger missle at one of the US Army's Chemical or Biological
Warfare development facilities.  After all, the White House has announced
that blowing up weapons of mass destruction is a Good Thing....

[ *Anthrax is a naturally-occurring organism, so it's not cheating to
start the process with "get some Anthrax" rather than by synthesizing it.]

Bill Stewart, bill.stewart@pobox.com
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