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Re: Crisis Overload (re Electronic Racketeering)

Re: The sorry state of non-US crypto

A good war cry is hard to find.

Re: The illegal markets of cyberspace

Re: spam apology

Re: Netscape to patch shareware version

Re: Digital Fingerprinting

Look, a *.cypherpunk group already exists!

Jill Sixpack wants to know?

John Young You are KEWL!

Netscape closes UNCHANGED!

C’Punks meet the T’s, T’s meet the C’Punks!

Netscape closes up 1 3/8 today!

Re: www.commentary.unabomber

NSCP: Unch..vol rises…morn selling

HEY!!! WAS: The Next Hack

? Me?

Step One: We admitted

Apology to Netscape.

53 of the FAX No’s. are GOOD!

This fax list is 95% accurate!

Re: what are these people selling????

Re: Netscape question transformed

How was the Federal thing?

Re: Reducing the Flames, Attacks, and Nit-Pickings


Happy Halloween!

Re: FBI Wants to Wiretap One of Every 100 Phones in Urban Areas

Request for URL’S

Re: Yvette

Happy Thanksgiving L. Detweiller!

The Congressional Mailbot

Re: PGP Distribution Site at MIT DOWN

Re: spooky URL

Re: Netscape, Corporations, and GAK Support

Re: GAK Flap Happening at a Good Time–Journalists Read!