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Daily News Wed Jul 1 ‘98

Daily News Thu Jul 2 ‘98

Daily News Fri 3 Jul ‘98

Daily News Sat Jul 4 ‘98

Daily News Sun Jul 5 ‘98

Secret World of Spice/Freeway of Love

Kings & Queens/George Michael/Knocked up with NyQuil

Elvis stole my panties/Whip me please!

Larry Flynt hustles Congress/Monica Lewinskookies

Tit ‘n’ Run/Man sues self/World’s worst liar

My date with a dwarf/Nice guys come first

World’s dumbest gunslinger/Exclusive: Are her tits real?

Woman saved by sex/Dog chewed my balls off

Can’t keep it DOWN/Man gets breasts by mistake

Could the world turn lesbian?/Men’s privates enlarging

My wife shagged the pool team/Swedish hooker sues clients

Sex industry takes on US govt/Hormones improve whore moans

I had sex with Bigfoot/Married to the slob

Tit’s a victory: Twany Peaks not a boob basher/White House zombie sex

World Exclusive: I was a lesbo virgin/Bigger balls are better

Donkey Dick: Man tries penis swap with Donkey/Springer’s ‘love child’

Losing it on the web/Man wins $90,000 by getting breasts

Exclusive: Sex & drugs in a tropical paradise/Russians paid in dildos

Sex was just blow good/Fart demolishes house

My mom is a stripper/Sporty Spice killed my dog

Nympho Spice/I was bonked on the golf course

Bitch Spice/Miss Vagina 1998

$200,000 pussy for sale/Double Ds make me sneeze

My hubby smears curry on my breasts/17in willy too heavy to carry

In and out brothel/My wife lays eggs like a chicken

Better living through masterbation/Digestible Dildos

Better living through masterbation/Digestible Dildos

Virgin rebirth/Penis pong/Beaver boy

Virgin rebirth/Penis pong/Beaver boy

Fake fondler found out/Miss suckerator ‘98

Fake fondler found out/Miss suckerator ‘98

Angry stripper pees on punter/Girlz Toyz/Topless teens

Clinton shafted by a dress?/The art of cyber seduction

Sex change op to be shown live on web/Dog gets bionic balls

Half a mil for a spill:Clinton’s expensive cock-up/Robber shoots own knob off

Family TV station shows 5 hrs XXX porn/Skimpy barmaids down under

Monica Doughwinsky: An American cream come true/Woman marries herself

What if men menstruated?/Viagra - the facts

If women had willies…/Sergeant Major ‘Just wants to be a woman’

Vodka: Russian Viagra/Man sues Kentucky cops for ‘being too nice’

Dennis Rodman hounded by porn stars/Mom dates alien son

Dennis Rodman hounded by porn stars/Mom dates alien son

Aliens built 750 foot plonker/Man plays todger like a guitar

Man with two dicks keeps one ‘under his hat’/I married Marilyn Monroe’s ghost

College professors, viagra & grades/Three breasted woman & single-breasted sister

KGB plotted to blow up Elvis/Sony release ‘X-Ray Vision’ camera

Distraught chef cleaves own willy/Artist builds tapestry from 40,000 bras