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(INFO) Leahy/Goodlatte introduce crypto bill

(ALERT) Senators who introduce new crypto bill need support (5/14/96)

Crypto-News: Congress tells Clinton “Dump key escrow/Clipper schemes” (5/17/96)

INFO: Sen. Burns tells White House “Three strikes and you’re out”

INFO: Transcript of Sen. Leahy’s RealAudio chat now available! (5/22/96)

INFO: Sen. Burns urges White House to follow NRC recommendations (6/2/96)

INFO: Discuss crypto with Sen. Burns online the night before hearings!

ALERT: We win! Court rules 3-0 for free speech!

ALERT: Crypto hearings in D.C. 6/26/96, submit your comments through WWW!

INFO: Photos, testimony, and audio transcripts of 6/26 crypto hearing, get it now!

INFO: Submit your testimony to Congress for hearings on July 25!

ALERT: Congress rushing to pass surveillance plan! Call now! (8/1/96)

INFO: Gather and talk to Republican luminaries live online from the convention!

ALERT: Show Congress you want privacy during Crypto Action Week! (8/20/96)

ALERT: Sen. Kerry, who voted FOR THE CDA, will be online tonight to chat! (8/28/96)

ALERT: Join thousands of net users in their fight against the White House! (9/4/96)

ALERT: Call the Commerce committee to protect your privacy! (9/7/96)

ALERT: Call the Commerce committee! The White House is fighting us! (9/10/96)

ALERT: S.1726 vote postponed; keep calling! Offices are swamped! (9/11/96)

INFO: Netscape CEO Jim Barksdale signs the pro-crypto petition! (9/26/96)

INFO: White House Clipper 3.1.1 plan unveiled; continues to ignore privacy concerns

INFO:Congress continues to push hard in the pro-encryption fight! (10/20/96)

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