1993-09-15 - Re: PGPC 2.2 available

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From: Jiva De Voe <tigger@indirect.com>
To: nate@vis.colostate.edu
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UTC Datetime: 1993-09-15 07:15:13 UTC
Raw Date: Wed, 15 Sep 93 00:15:13 PDT

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From: Jiva De Voe <tigger@indirect.com>
Date: Wed, 15 Sep 93 00:15:13 PDT
To: nate@vis.colostate.edu
Subject: Re: PGPC 2.2 available
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> PGPC 2.2 is available for anonymous ftp from
> in /pub/pgpc/pgpc22.tar.[Z,gz]
> It is available in either gnuzip or regular compress.

I still can't get this critter decompressed.  Is this some sort of joke or
something?  Has anyone been able to decompress it?  gnuzip sez not a
zipped file.  Uncompress sez, not a compressed file, gunzip won't read it,
tar won't read it.  I'd really like to try this fellow's product, but have
received no reply to my email about how to decompress it and can't make it

Mebbe some kind person could send me a tar version?

(Don't mean to sound flamish BTW, just frustrated)