1993-09-20 - Re: Definition of “Zero Knowledge”

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From: khijol!erc@apple.com (Ed Carp)
To: doug@netcom.com (Doug Merritt)
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UTC Datetime: 1993-09-20 01:41:58 UTC
Raw Date: Sun, 19 Sep 93 18:41:58 PDT

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From: khijol!erc@apple.com (Ed Carp)
Date: Sun, 19 Sep 93 18:41:58 PDT
To: doug@netcom.com (Doug Merritt)
Subject: Re: Definition of "Zero Knowledge"
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> In the current context, the best reference that I know of is to
> the methodology of Goedel's Theorem rather than to ZPT; it has each
> of the properties that I mentioned except for the ZPT operations,
> which can be added in a conceptually straightforward way. The most
> readable in depth treatment of that that I know of is "Goedel's Proof"
> by Ernest Nagel and James R. Newman, c. 1958 and still in print as
> a cheap paperback.

This reminds me of a science fiction story that I read once, published in
Analog: the smart-ass encrypted the solution of how to produce stable
antimatter, or cold fusion, or something similar, using Godel's Theorem.

The politicos back on Earth said that it would take them 200 years to
factor the N-size number that was sent back to Earth.  :)

Now, if I could just remember the name of the story and the issue...
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