1994-04-24 - Re: DId you ever think…

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From: rarachel@prism.poly.edu (Arsen Ray Arachelian)
To: jim@rand.org
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UTC Datetime: 1994-04-24 18:35:49 UTC
Raw Date: Sun, 24 Apr 94 11:35:49 PDT

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From: rarachel@prism.poly.edu (Arsen Ray Arachelian)
Date: Sun, 24 Apr 94 11:35:49 PDT
To: jim@rand.org
Subject: Re: DId you ever think...
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It's far more likely that these rumors were started by ego-maniacs who
believe that any lock made by man and be broken by man.  Quite true
except for the problem of brute force time...

I knew of one such idiot claiming he could break any code, even PGP.  I
have never seen him able to do so.  Thems just idiots bragging the same
way that the hackers/crackers of the 80's would brag and exagerate about
their "heroic" deeds...

Of course our wonderful Government is well known for its use of the FUD
factor, so I certainly do not put it beyond their agenda, (D.Denning
on AOL mentioned that she didn't know if the IDEA cypher that PGP uses
was broken >YET< but she would comment no further. :-)  Spreading inuendoes
is probably more their style, and we all know how "Oh I think x is so"
becomes "x is so" after bouncing around from person to person...

Of course if someone doesn't trust PGP, they can take a few courses in
cryptanalysis and take a shot or two at PGP to look for holes...