1994-05-05 - Re: Anonymous phone calls…

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From: Duncan Frissell <frissell@panix.com>
To: SGT=DARREN=S.=HARLOW%ISB%MCTSSA@nwsfallbrook3.nwac.sea06.navy.mil
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UTC Datetime: 1994-05-05 17:19:37 UTC
Raw Date: Thu, 5 May 94 10:19:37 PDT

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From: Duncan Frissell <frissell@panix.com>
Date: Thu, 5 May 94 10:19:37 PDT
To: SGT=DARREN=S.=HARLOW%ISB%MCTSSA@nwsfallbrook3.nwac.sea06.navy.mil
Subject: Re: Anonymous phone calls...
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On Thu, 5 May 1994 SGT=DARREN=S.=HARLOW%ISB%MCTSSA@nwsfallbrook3.nwac.sea06.navy.mil wrote:

> bought one of the cards to make phone calls and they traced the calls back to 
> him via the card, since you have to present valid ID to purchase those.
> Sgt Darren Harlow - Computer Security

Hesitating to correct the USMC...

Some of the cards (there are now more than a dozen issuers) may be bought
in circumstances where your ID is linked but Western Union doesn't ask and
those who bought the Hallmark Cards with a $6 Sprint Phone Card inside
were not "carded" at many cardshop checkout counters.


Don't ask me what my grandfather Col Duncan Phillip Frissell USA
Quartermaster Corps used to say about the Marines...