1994-07-21 - Re: Voice/Fax Checks

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From: rah@shipwright.com (Robert Hettinga)
To: solman@MIT.EDU
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UTC Datetime: 1994-07-21 16:43:36 UTC
Raw Date: Thu, 21 Jul 94 09:43:36 PDT

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From: rah@shipwright.com (Robert Hettinga)
Date: Thu, 21 Jul 94 09:43:36 PDT
To: solman@MIT.EDU
Subject: Re: Voice/Fax Checks
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At 11:38 AM 7/21/94 -0400, solman@MIT.EDU wrote:
>The selling point for digital cash is that it has a low transaction cost
>and can easily be used for extremelly small transactions. If agent A and
>agent B want to do business without bothering their owners, you had better
>have some robust digicash.

I've made this claim myself here before.  It's possible you're in a
position to verify it.  Can you?


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